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Set's Sand Beast Set's Sand Beast
Set s Sand Beast is a protective being created by Set, shaped by sand and the ever hungry nature of the desert. They have a playful and often humorous personality, but they can be damn frightening when engaging with a threat. They often appear as some sort of animal, like a fox or wolf, but can also...
Adonis' Aponea Adonis' Aponea
Adonis Aponea (Ah-pawn-neh-ah) are created beings with a focus on elemental magick and a predominant affinity for a single element. They are as intelligent as they are beautiful and have strong connections to natural forces and the manifestation of desire. Due to this alignment, they have ties to abundance,...
Aphrodite's Smoldera Aphrodite's Smoldera
Aphrodite s Smoldera (Smole - dare - ah) are created beings of a unique degree of sexual and erotic intensity. They are powerful lovers with their name stemming from their smoldering good looks and their ability to effortlessly entice and seduce. Aside from this attractiveness and sexuality, the Smoldera...
Bastet's Feline Defenders Bastet's Feline Defenders
Bastet s Feline Defenders are protective felines created by Bastet who can change between the form of a house cat and the form of a very large and burly lynx. They are a mixture of affectionate and sweet with natural attitude and mischief associated with physical housecats. They make for excellent, highly...
Bastet's Feline Mystics Bastet's Feline Mystics
Bastet s Feline Mystics are beings created by Bastet who tap into the natural mystical, magickal, and spiritual dimensions of felines. Each feline is unique, taking on more of one of these facets than the others. In mystics, you find felines who are questioning and philosophical, aiding with growth and...
Nyx's Kindly Kosna Nyx's Kindly Kosna
Nyx s Kosna (Kaws - nah) are the gentler cousins of the Skona, associated with the soothing qualities of the night. Rather than embodying its darkness and blackness, they are associated with the moonlit shadow and the starlit sky, the parts of night that make it peaceful and serene. They are naturally...
Thoth's Ensorcelled Armor Golem Thoth's Ensorcelled Armor Golem
Thoth s Ensorcelled Armor Golem is a protective created being, in truth a sort of bridge between Immortal Artifact and Immortal Conjure. They take the form of armor, more or less a suit, magicked and moving as if worn by an invisible person. The types of armor it can be created to look like are quite...
Tiamat Pixie Wyvern Tiamat Pixie Wyvern
Tiamat Pixie Wyverns are roughly the size of a macaw, but they are capable of shrinking their size. They have dark colored scales with a faint opalescent finish, and their forms tend to be long, streamlined, and aerodynamic with a whip-like tail. As wyverns, their forelimbs are also their wings, which...
Tiamat's Draconic Sphere Tiamat's Draconic Sphere
Tiamat s Draconic Sphere is an Immortal Artifact created by the goddess Tiamat, churning with primordial Draconic power. Immortal Artifacts are non-physical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. It can appear as a large crystal or gemstone sphere, a metallic sphere covered in scales, or...
Tiamat's Faery Dragon Tiamat's Faery Dragon
Tiamat Faery Dragons are pudgy little things with vibrant colors, large eyes, and dragonfly wings. Ordinarily, they are about the size of a chihuahua or yorkie terrier, but they have the ability to shrink and become as small as a hummingbird. They cannot enlarge themselves, but they can create an illusion...
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