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Sekhmet's Fury Pylon Sekhmet's Fury Pylon
Sekhmet s Fury Pylon is an Immortal Artifact created by Sekhmet s power. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist in the spirit and astral planes. Despite being called Fury , the Fury Pylon does not connect to anger, rather it interprets fury as a relentless force but still a sort of focused...
Set's Chaos Pylon Set's Chaos Pylon
Set s Chaos Pylon is a conduit of Set s power over chaos. However, rather than chaos being a pure destructive force, his power comes forth as something dynamic, transformative, and liberating. The Chaos Pylon channels distinct forms of Chaos Set is associated with, all very elemental in nature. Different...
Thoth's Jeweled Mind's Eye Thoth's Jeweled Mind's Eye
Thoth s Jeweled Mind s Eye is a powerful Immortal Artifact that takes the shape of a gemstone sphere, often lapis lazuli, sodalite, quartz, or amethyst, with an eye relief on its front. Of course, the eye is shaped like the eye of Ra. Immortal Artifacts are non-physical objects that exist on the spirit...
Adonis' Apni Adonis' Apni
Adonis' Apni (Ahp-nee) are beings of passionate creativity, working both with the qualities of passion and creativity in equal parts. They are exceptionally gorgeous, and have an equally beautiful presence and personality to match.Their energy is inspirational, and having it brush against you ignites...
Baphomet's Little Goat Guide Baphomet's Little Goat Guide
Baphomet s Little Goat Guide is a being created by Baphomet that serves as equal part guide, mentor, and adorable companion. They aid with shadow work, exploring the self, and becoming more aware of internal workings. Their sweet and quirky personalities allow them to bring levity to things that may...
Eros' Eryat Eros' Eryat
Eros Eryat (Ur-yaht) are beings suffused with beneficial, positive sexual energies. They are lovely beings that are born naturally from Eros energy, when that energy is properly directed. They are cousins to Erotes but quieter as they work in the background, and as such, will not be very social at first....
Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary
Hephaestus Mechanical Canaries are adorable little machines that look like canaries. They could pass for the real thing, if not for their metal feathers and lifelike but still robotic eyes. They tend to be nonsocial and mostly exist in the background, filtering all energies in the space they are in....
Horus' Zanja Horus' Zanja
Horus Zanja are beings created by Horus with the intention of helping to push the limits and strengthen communication abilities and perceptions. They essentially specialize in being really loud and present. Fortunately, they have sweet, often snarky, personalities and a lot of charisma, making them very...
Isis' Asjai Isis' Asjai
Isis Asjai are beings created by Isis who focus on magickal basics and fundamentals. They are most helpful to those who are new to their metaphysical journey, but they are still a unique aid to those who are further along and more experienced. The Asjai each have their own focuses, such as specific types...
Isis' Butterflies of Transmutation Isis' Butterflies of Transmutation
Isis Butterflies of Transmutation are nonsocial entities created by Isis. They have vibrant colors and in some cases appear made out of precious metals and gems. They are steeped with deeply magickal energies and serve as an aid for your journey through life and the metaphysical. As butterflies, they...
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