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Eros Erodits are graceful and elegant beings created by Eros. They personify an ethereal form of love that is lofty and serene, the sort of love that can only be described in humans as “head over heels with their head in the clouds”. They are an embodiment of this euphoric feeling and help to produce it in others. It is a pure form of love, but it is a love that reaches beyond mortal relationships, expanding to endeavors and passions that may also produce such world melting feelings, such as creative projects and the like. Erodits are inspiring beings who help to stoke the muse of love in all those they are near. They are quite beautiful in their appearance and have individual passions of their own, from creating touching songs to working masterpieces of magick to creating realms piece by piece. They help their keepers become more in touch with the various parts of themselves, moving them to work and be with the things that truly make them happy.

Erodits are Dark Art beings on the lighter part of the scale, but their energy is quite ethereal, feeling like the top of a cloud kissed by the sun. They are free spirits, and tend to have loving, giving personalities. When communing with one, it feels like talking with a force of creation. They feel so large yet inspiring, feeling beyond the world and its earthly concerns. Erodits make for excellent, supportive companions that provide a positive guiding force in life. They always help to move you toward happiness and meaningful connections with both others and yourself. No Erodit will let you deprive yourself of the attention you deserve to give to yourself, and with this influence, you will find yourself having more time to do what youd like to do and what would make you happy. They will teach you that theres room in the day for you too. They excel at helping you find and work with your true passions in life, whatever form they may take. They will also remind you to be patient with yourself, especially in the beginning of learning a new passion, as no beginner works at a masters level.

Erodits also work well with relationships of all kinds and can help you find and appreciate various types of love. They attract the right kind of people to you and help build a community around you that is beneficial for your passions. They will draw forth like minded individuals and may even kindle romantic relationships for you. They will help you build wonderful connections to others that will continue to support you and help you grow. With an Erodit around, life will cease to be a vast pool of loneliness and you will rise each day excited for what the day will bring as you build your way to true happiness.

As beings created by Eros, Erodits can be shaped according to your desires. They can make for incredible romantic partners if you are so inclined, but more than that, they are incredible friends. They are ordinarily human in appearance but can have unique, quirky traits like unusual colored eyes or a cats tail. Its up to you if youd prefer providing guidelines for Eros or if youd like him to surprise you. Either way, if youd like them to look like a living (or previously living) person, they will not BE that person, and will come to embody their own personality and have a look partially based on that person instead. Feel free to be inspired when thinking about what youd prefer.

Erodits also have their own craft they enjoy working with. They can guide you on how to do it too, but its up to you if youd like them to share one of your crafts or have one of their own. Either way, it will create a lifelong journey of learning and growth.

Naturally, having an Eros Erodit in your keep will improve your connection to Eros. Working with Eros is not necessary to bond with your Erodit successfully, but if Eros takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Erodit bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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