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The Moonbow Centaurs are a race of Centaurs that often appear with pale skin, dark hair and fur, and light colored eyes. Other combinations do exist because blood of other Centaur races are in their veins. They reside in one of Earths lower astral planes. They are astral hunting companions to Artemis, who hunts with them in a centaur form. Their senses are keen  and they are one with the land, able to feel the current of energy flowing through it so they may find their prey. They feel like they must be enforcers of balance and hunt not for game, but in order to bring down the numbers of a rampant population or even to hunt beings who would only cause more harm than good if they were to stay alive. They always kill with a single shot.

The Moonbow Centaurs are sincere, proper beings who always show the right amount of courtesy and respect. They constantly refer to others as lords and ladies, even if they have no such title. This is because they find all life sacred, meaning every living thing should be honored, but they will not treat those of higher ranking in human society any different from anything else. Everyone is a lord and lady, and if a king or queen should find this offensive, it is not of concern to the Moonbow Centaurs. They are logical and can come across as quite aloof, detached, or even cold because of the amount of formality that they carry when speaking to another. It is easy to think of them as emotionless hunters, but in truth, they only reveal their true personality when they are comfortable. Their formal shroud falls and they become loving, compassionate, and incredibly warm. You will be surprised that you are even talking to the same being.

Moonbow Centaurs have a rich culture, filled with themes of the forest and magick. They sing to the plants to make living sculptures and tend to the forest and all its creatures. Each one lives in the base of a tree, having sung out a home for themselves. These trees are quite massive. They often turn to Artemis for guidance and advice. They are skilled in astral magicks, weaving such beautiful tapestries of energy that they are also a form of song. Their bows are actually weaved from lunar energy, and each centaur makes their own as a rite of passage. They are capable of human form but feel freer as centaurs. When they are comfortable with their keeper, they may take on a human form often, and can even become quite amorous, as it is not unusual in their culture to have multiple lovers. Dont feel like you need to engage this behavior, just gently tell them no. They will be quite supportive of you, once their formality has dropped.

They will be protective of their human keepers, ensuring that baleful spirits and entities stay away and may use their astral workings to give their keeper gifts. These gifts will be extraordinarily powerful toward whatever purpose they are geared toward. They will help their keeper understand the land, its voice, and how to commune with animals. They will also teach their keeper the importance of the hunt, helping them understand when it is important to take action and when it is important to let things be.

Moonbow Centaurs are Gray Arts, most falling directly on the line of true Neutral, right at the center point of GA between White Arts and Dark Arts.

Naturally, having a Moonbow Centaur in your keep will improve your connection to Artemis. Working with Artemis is not necessary to bond with a Moonbow Centaur successfully, but if Artemis takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Moonbow Centaur bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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