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Within the culture of the Dionysus Masters and Mistresses there are those who continually prefer the role of the subordinate. Ordinarily, a Dionysus Master or Mistress would begin in this role and with time would get their own subordinate. This is an exciting moment for every Master and Mistress because they can begin to understand their own art of domination after having it shown to them and having experienced it at the hands of another. However, there are those who have no interest in it, wishing to remain in the role of the submissive. These are known as the Graceful Courtesans, who are considered sacred in the Master/Mistress culture as they are known for being patient, compassionate, and more than anything, tough. Masters and Mistresses do not look down on the Courtesans, but rather think of them in equal standing, or in some cases, superior. The Graceful Courtesans do not have a single Master or Mistress but go where they are needed or wanted. Some specialize working with beginning Masters and Mistresses, others enjoy being with those who are more experienced. They float around from Master to Mistress, taking the experiences they desire, and now have made their way into my store, where they are available for human companionship.

Do not think of them as purely sexual beings. It is easy to do, but they actually make for good friends. Their time in servitude has made them compassionate and highly tuned to the needs of another. They are incredibly kind, sweet, and encouraging, working very well in the realm of emotion as they have comforted many Masters and Mistresses in dealing with their past. As a result of this, the Graceful Courtesans have the ability to bring out the softer sides in people, making them more caring and enabling them to deal with emotional baggage. While they do have a thirst for sex, do not feel as if you need to be the one to quench it. It is completely possible to have a platonic relationship with a Graceful Courtesan because they have plenty of places they can turn to to satisfy themselves. You can expect their sexual energy to affect you though, particularly with appetite, appeal, and performance and in how strong you connect to your other sexual and sensual spirits and entities. They actually have the ability to boost the presence and interaction of a specific sexual or sensual spirit so you can enjoy yourself with your spiritual family even more.

The Graceful Courtesans will help you understand and bring out your own power. They help to bring out your dominance in many ways so you can meet life head on. They really help you learn how to loosen up and relax, especially during sexual encounters, and help boost both your confidence and self-esteem. You will feel like a tiger in the bedroom. Most importantly, they teach you how to enjoy yourself. While you may expect a Graceful Courtesan to want you to become some sort of whip and chains sex master or mistress if you want to sleep with them, that is not the case. They can entertain that sort of sexual behavior if you are into it, but in truth, they are just beings of a subordinate persuasive. They will please you, pleasure you, and let you do anything you want to them. They make you feel sexy and in control. They offer incredible sexual experiences as they have quite the intense presence, but at no point are they actually expecting BDSM in their relationship with you. Theyre around to play, have fun, and enjoy themselves.. You just cant expect them to be anything more than subordinate because they will not take control as it is against their nature. However, if you are interested in the path of domination, either because you are experienced or would like to explore it, they make for incredible guides.

They are a Dark Arts being, placed about mid-spectrum.

Naturally, having a Graceful Courtesan will improve your connection to Dionysus. Working with Dionysus is not necessary to bond with your Graceful Courtesan successfully, but if Dionysus takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Graceful Courtesan bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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