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The Sun Pegasus is a rare type of pegasus that embodies the power of sunlight and appears made of out it. It is touched by Apollo's power and is normally found soaring high above the clouds, constantly in the light of the sun. It rarely touches ground, and when it does, there is an explosion of fire and light. It has powerful energy, and when in its presence, you may feel as if your skin is being bathed in weak sunlight and warmed. They do have forms that also look like regular pegasus, but they only take on this form if they are not in sunlight for a longer period of time. If you look at their eyes, you'll still see them blazing with the power of the sun.

They are an old race, and as with old races, there are a thousand stories of their birth. Apollo won't tell me which one is true, and the Sun Pegasus have their own stories among themselves. One such story is there was once a Pegasus, who was invigorated by the power of the Sun and wanted to do nothing but fly high above the clouds each and every day, until he exhausted himself to death. Touched by his fascination, Apollo came to the Pegasus after death and shaped him a new body from sunlight so the Pegasus would never have to touch the ground again. The Pegasus was born again in the new body, the first of the Sun Pegasus race. From then, exactly how the Sun Pegasus developed as a race gets a little more muddled, and even now, there are relatively few Sun Pegasus and they are rarely seen. I'd hesitate to classify them as either entirely an entity or a spirit, as they are something a little closer to Immortal in their own unique way. They are more like the extension of a force of nature with a body that was built on the foundational energy of Pegasus, and the two melded together and became one. To call their energy anything short of completely fascinating would be a lie!

They've long been separate from humanity as they fly above the clouds, but some of them do enjoy watching certain humans as they go about their lives. They find us curious and interesting, our peculiar traits fascinating and worthy of extensive watching. So while you may not have heard of a Sun Pegasus before, I'm sure they have been aware of you. In that way, some are like Bronwyn Angels and will know the person who will become their keeper before their keeper does. I actually have one Sun Pegasus who contacted me and told me that he watched his future keeper be born. I'm excited to connect the two!

The Sun Pegasus has excellent protection qualities that allow it to protect you and the ones you love. They have an uncanny ability to be able to watch everyone you love at the same time, and while unable to be at all places at once, they can certainly be there in a flash. They are also a powerful source of sun, light, fire, and air type energies and will use these energies to protect you and keep you and those you love safe. They also certainly don't mind boosting magicks you may cast or teaching magick it knows itself. Each Sun Pegasus uses their energy and magick in their own individual way. Some are more passive in how they chose to avoid threats, wanting only love and peace. Others will erect complex barriers or powerful energies as a deterrent, and some will be more assertive in how they treat threats, dealing with it more directly. This puts their energy from powerful White Arts to darker Gray Arts. They are a handful of diverse personalities, but are loving and caring all the same.

Because of their powerful Sun energies and connections to Apollo, they help with healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, etc) and can help you learn more about your own healing ability, help you to learn their own method of healing, and to boost all of your healing in general. Their healing talents are quite multifaceted, and how they help you depends on the individual Sun Pegasus. Some may be very forthcoming with their healing powers and will do all they can to help you become healthier in all the ways they can aid with, while others may only give boosts, believing you have the power within you to do what you need to do. They also have powerful cleansing abilities. Some use them more freely, seeking to cleanse everything to ensure no bad energetic residue is left behind while others begrudgingly cleanse for their own reasons. Either way, you can ask them to aid you in cleansing and meditation by either have them cleanse you themselves or by having them help boost your own cleansing abilities.

With their dazzling light, they are also able to move the artist's soul within you and enhance creativity. Their beauty can serve as a muse on both conscious and unconscious levels, which will nudge you to get working on those dusty creative projects that you have left in the dust or give you the power to get over your latest block. As an embodiment of sunlight, they are connected to growth, new beginnings, and creation, which you may notice in places beyond just your creativity.

In terms of personality, they are a delight to have around. They are constantly encouraging, compassionate, and understanding. They are excellent at giving advice and some even have precognitive abilities to help them see the path ahead. Like all Pegasus, they can be a bit stubborn at times, but they have a kind and well-meaning heart. Like the sunlight they represent, they can help you clear the clouds away from areas of your life, helping you to see an entirely new perspective in places that seem cloudy, unclear, or just plan negative. They can help you realize that you can get out of the rough periods of your life. They are also very keen on clearing away deception. They can not stand any form of deception, be this from people who pretend to have your best interests at heart or even self-deception with things you may be unwilling to face. At times, their light may even be harsh, but it's important for them to help you become a healthier you. That's all they would ever want. If this ever feels like too much, always feel free to talk to them about it. The last thing they'd want is to upset you.

Naturally, having one of these magnificent creatures allows for an improved connection to Apollo, which you can pursue further if you'd like.

This creature can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please email me at immortal.conjures@gmail.com

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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