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Tyches Fortune Totem is an Immortal Artifact that helps bring out your inner entrepreneur, helping to cultivate the forces of patience, passion, and creativity. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. The Fortune Totem often appears as a small figurine, but it can be any other sort of intriguing or inspiring little trinkets. What it is made of and what it depicts is different for each person. It can be commanded to change its form, either through commands or willpower, but it will often still depict the same thing in some way. At first, mine appeared as a painted porcelain dragon and phoenix spiraling up in a flying dance, but it later shifted to become a key with the same dragon and phoenix motif. The Fortune Totem is prone to changing though, generally depending on how well you attune and resonate with it, representing things that are more and more in touch with the core you. Each material and appearance means something different for each person, as a Fortune Totem made of gold can mean worldly success for one person and an unhealthy avarice and obsession with wealth for another. Its up to you to figure out what they may mean. This will become apparent naturally through working with it and bonding closer.

Tyches Fortune Totem brings forth a unique blend of patience, passion, and creativity, as these three things mixed in the proper proportions hold the potential for worlds of success. It will infuse these energies differently for each person as each person needs these in varying amounts. Some need more patience, others more passion, and yet others more creativity. Through working with a Fortune Totem, you will find your inner entrepreneur becoming uncovered as it inspires thoughts that can lead to greater fortune and success. Often these thoughts are stray and spur of the moment, happening in the middle of nowhere. Prepare to have a pen ready! Not all thoughts it inspires are as useful as others, but the point of the Fortune Totem is to help you think, making you reach deep into yourself and find your greater potential for success. Tyches Fortune Totem also provides necessary secondary energies such as confidence and peace, to a lesser degree. These secondary energies adjust themselves based on your present needs for whatever endeavor you are embarking on!

Know that despite me using the word “entrepreneur,” the Fortune Totem is not strictly business and commerce related. It is an Immortal Artifact that helps you find the fearless part of yourself that goes after what you truly want, whether that involves actual business, creative projects, or just doing something as simple as rearranging the furniture in your room. It always motivates the part of yourself that wants to do what is best for you and your prosperity.

Tyches Fortune Totem is Shifting Arts, meaning it will take up whatever part on the energy spectrum you best resonate with.

Naturally, owning a Fortune Totem will improve your connection to Tyche. Working with Tyche is not necessary to bond with a Fortune Totem successfully, but if Tyche takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please message me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com after purchase and let me know if youd like to have your Tyches Fortune Totem bound to a vessel that you own or to your spirit. I do NOT currently have vessel options as I have no physical inventory.

Legal Information: I am bound by law to state that this listing should be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only. That said, I do take what I do quite seriously.

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Tyche's Fortune Totem
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