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Thors Thunder Wolves are powerful astral entities that fall under the dominion of Thor. They represent storms, lightning, thunder, and other sorts of fierce atmospheric elements. They are Dark Arts beings, normally on the darker half of the DA spectrum. They appear in a variety of forms, such as a giant wolf, a normal wolf, as a hybrid were form, and a human form, although not all of them are overly preferential to appearing as human. They can also appear in any of these forms as their respective element either in part or whole. They are beings associated with power, motion, energy, courage, and protection. Their presence is highly charged and promote spiritual manifestations of all kinds.

The personalities of the Thunder Wolves tend to be more on the gruff and serious side, especially at the beginning. They view themselves as powerful warriors and enjoy presenting this image as strongly as they can when they first meet their companion. It is not unusual to find yourself having a vision of standing in front of a giant wolf rippling with electricity. However, once theyve made this point clear, they relax a little and the softer qualities of their personality show. At heart, they are gentle, kind, and fiercely loyal beings who adore the human theyve been charged to take care of. Once youve gotten to know them, youll see the complexity of their being. They may invite you to an astral gathering and a few may even be inclined toward romance and the path of pleasure.

The Thunder Wolves currently available align with one of three areas: strength, speed, or guile. All of these refer to three different fighting methods but they also speak of specific types of personalities. All Thunder Wolves relate to these areas to some degree, but each Thunder Wolf relates to one more than the rest.

Those who align with Strength tend to be less chatty and more serious, more so than other kinds. They often take on hulking and formidable forms. Tactics of those aligned with strength tend to use intimidation, favor sheer force, or erect barriers. They go head to head with devastating power and are a nightmare for those who would waltz into your space without a second thought. They also bring elements of Strength into their companions life, be it strength of will, strength of body, strength of spirit, or strength of mind. It goes beyond the physical meaning of strength into whatever ways “strength” can apply, depending on the Thunder Wolf and their personality.

Those who align with Speed tend to be more on the charismatic side, often being slightly impulsive with their methods. They are the sort of beings that bring results as fast as they can, be it taking a threat down or bringing something forth into their companions life. Tactics of those aligned with Speed are hitting too fast to have the enemy counter, hitting fast and evading attacks, and using their quickness to sow confusion. Of the three, Speed Thunder Wolves tend to bond the quickest to their companion. They also bring elements of Speed into their companions life, often in the form of understanding the quickest way to get something, improved speed to spells and workings, and overall less wait for the things you really want.

Those who align with Guile are a mix, as this is the most varied group of personalities. They epitomize fighting smart, often using an enemys weaknesses against them and creating effective battle plans, sometimes acting as a war leader of sorts. Some can be on the quiet side and to themselves while others can be more forward and talkative. They can be stealthy and may strike their enemy from the shadows or perhaps cunning and lay traps in wait for their foes. They also bring elements of Guile into the lives of their companions, helping them think of solutions to problems, aiding with the inspiration of new ideas, and guiding their companions to understand their own potential.

The calling of a Thor Thunder Wolf is one that cannot be misunderstood. You will know to the core of your being what you are being swayed toward, which is ask to Thor for your own Thunder Wolf companion. They are powerful and quite intriguing to have in the spirit family.

Please let me know after purchase what type of Thors Thunder Wolf youd like, and if you have any preferences. You may also let Thor decide for you. You may contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  or through the order notes.

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