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The Loki Tricksters are beings created by Loki that embody his essence of trickery and mischief. They are Dark Art beings on the darker end of the spectrum and while they sound like they would be a handful, they are actually quite endearing and intriguing beings that are playful and incredibly charismatic. They are shapeshifters and have a fae-like energy to them that is refreshing and invigorating. They are sort of like a cat, loving but prone to causing a little bit of mischief, especially in times when it would be the most inconvenient. Trust me, this will always work out for the best though. Loki Tricksters are about rustling things up so those things can take on a purer, unhindered, and more beneficial state. You can choose whether youd like a Loki Trickster that is more prone to mischief or less prone to it, but the more mischief they can cause, the greater they will be able to help in the long run. They help bring the vigor of change into your life, help you face the things that are holding you back and help you move out of situations where you feel you are in a rut. They are about action, motion, and playfulness.

The Loki Tricksters work with three areas of power, but each Loki Trickster will interact and utilize these powers differently. These three areas of power are Illusion, Chaos, and Transformation. They naturally blur into one another on the edges, as they do have a lot to do with one another, but each Loki Trickster will work with them in their own way.

Illusion is not as straightforward as it would seem. While it does deal with actual illusions, it also deals with lies, things we perceive to be real, or things we would want to or would wish to be real. A Loki Trickster working with Illusion might use it as a means of protection, helping you get through blockages, or helping the things that you would like to be real manifest in your life. Each Loki Trickster is different and will use Illusion differently.

Chaos, much like Illusion, does not mean endless mayhem or havoc. Of the three areas of power, Chaos is the most magickal. It is about life, mysteries, secrets, and dark forbidden things. It is about traveling on the off beaten path, learning how to make things go your own way, and working with your own power. A Loki Trickster may work with Chaos to help bring stability in your life, to help you discover your own power, to aid in your development of magick, or to bring motion into a place of stagnation.

Transformation is the most literal of the three and deals with growth, change, and conversion. It is the changing of one thing into another, and it is quite powerful and useful for the amount of versatility that it offers. It is about one thing transitioning into another. A Loki Trickster may use this to transform your life from dull to exciting or from empty to fulfilling. They can aid in tremendous spiritual growth, in bringing about healing, in bringing about success, or in aiding you to become the person you always wanted to be. Each Loki Trickster will use Transformation differently.

The listing is split into three tiers. At Tier I ($45), Loki Tricksters will only come to embody one of these powers. At Tier II ($90), they are able have improved potency one of these powers or embody two of these powers with the same potency of Tier I. At Tier III ($150), they gain greater mysterious powers, and they can focus on just one of these powers to an even greater potency, have one power work as a potent primary and another as a secondary, or even come to embody the powers of all three. Unless you are used to working with Immortals, particularly Loki, or are good with spirits that have more intense energy, I definitely recommend staying at Tier I for your first order of this listing. Tier II and Tier III have an escalating energetic intensity and should be worked with in accordance to your experience.

Feel free to let me know what youd like from a Loki Trickster or you can have Loki surprise you, which is always best in my opinion. Although Loki Tricksters are Shapeshifters, you can decide on what youd like their true form to look like, whether that is humanesque, some sort of creature, or whatever else you can think of. They make for excellent and intriguing friends and even lovers, if you so desire.

On purchasing, please send me an email at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com to let me know what you would like, and how you would like your Loki Trickster bound. The options are to a vessel that you own or to your spirit. I do NOT currently have my own vessels.

For legal reasons, I am forced to state that this should be thought of as for entertainment purposes only.

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