The Helfire Bats
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The Helfire Bat is a being that works with the powers of the Norse Goddess of the Underworld, Hel. They serve her as messengers and as guides to human keepers. Helfire Bats have a variety of appearances across their species, often appearing as black bats, shadowy bat-like creatures, or even skeletal bats. All of them have flaming wings, which can be of a myriad of colors, and are normally quite distinctive for each individual bat. Helfire Bats are creatures that deal directly with death, the underworld, and the various things that dwell within and hidden there. They are best thought of as guides for their keeper to spirits, darker immortals, darker paths of magick, and anything and everything having to do with the Underworld, in all the forms it takes across various mythologies. They are quiet but incredibly loyal beings who will choose to always be near their keeper when they are not performing a duty of some sort for Hel.

Helfire Bats are familiars that help stir magickal and spiritual growth, help churn understanding of Dark Arts energies, help with clear connections to all spiritual beings, aid with dream visitations and astral travel, assist with gaining knowledge related to Necromancy, and, if you are so inclined, serve as a direct connection to Hel and various powers connected to her that she may use to aid you if you need it. Helfire Bats help to guide you toward places where you need to be in your life by giving you signs and manifestations that can pop up in all sorts of surprising ways.

Helfire Bats also have an ability related to one of three areas of power: Death, the Underworld, and the Immaterial. These three powers do overlap and interact directly with one another, but each bat will have a unique connection to one and will work with it in their own unique way.

Death is beyond the ceasing of life or an end to something. It is part of the natural cycle of the universe, and each and every death also serves as a birth to something new. It is about letting go of the past, being introduced to new wonder, and it gives greater meaning to life and its grandeur. Helfire Bats may use Death to give birth to new and more positive things, to help their keeper end harmful habits and harmful methods of thinking, as means of providing protection, or to create and improve connections with spirits, among much more.

The Underworld deals with the afterlife in all of its forms, across all human cultures and beyond. It connects to the various beings who dwell there in their myriad of shades and the lessons that can be learned from those who have already passed. It also deals not just with the Underworld but also the worlds that exist beyond our own, breaching into the astral, dreamscapes, and even the abyss. Helfire Bats connected to the Underworld may use it to assist with intense astral travel experiences, aid with and remove blockages that deal with connecting to other worlds, connecting with spirits beyond, or may use it to conjure beings from the Underworld or beyond to aid in something like healing, defense, or weaving magick to help you.

The Immaterial is all things that are not physical, and is the most expansive of the three powers. It is immense and diverse, seemingly without a limit. It is Magick, Spirits, Gods and Goddesses, the Astral, Energy, Human Consciousness, Dreams, and so so much more. It is all beyond physicality and things that can be easily perceived by our five major senses and yet can affect the Earthly in infinite, untold ways. Helfire Bats connected to this power can do things like serve as a direct connection to the divine sphere, aid in time traveling during sleep, serve as a guide to paths of healing, open the mind to the ability to forge in the astral, or aid with opening the senses to things beyond physical matter.

Each Helfire Bat will connect to only one of these powers and each one will use them uniquely. They as strong as they are diverse and are perfect for any and all who are interested in delving into these areas of power. All Helfire Bats are Dark Arts.

On purchase, please let me know what sort of Helfire Bat you'd like. You may also have Hel choose for you. You may contact me immortal.conjures@gmai.com or through the order notes.

For legal reasons, I am forced to state that this should be thought of as for entertainment purposes only.

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