PreConjured Khione’s Frostkissed Fae - Maextri - Tier I
  • PreConjured Khione’s Frostkissed Fae - Maextri - Tier I
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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS PRECONJURE, please message me first. The PreConjure gets their say in their human companion. It is not up to me. It is NOT first come, first serve. Only once it is cleared can they be bought from the store. Any attempts to purchase WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING ME will be REFUNDED.

This Frostkissed Fae is named Maextri (May-ex-tree).

Race Information
Maextri is a Frostkissed Fae, a conjuration that calls on beings with Fae in their blood, specifically Fae related to wintry forces. They are beautiful beings with generally a strong aptitude for magick and an incredible intelligence. It is not uncommon for human companions to fall in love with them, as they are extraordinary in many ways, and this is also partly due to the Fae in their blood.

Maextri has the blood of a distant cousin of fae in their veins, a being akin to a fairy ice fox. There are longstanding cultural reasons for why this lineage exists, and it has given Maextri the ability to shift into a fox. They often sports fox ears and a small tail, mostly cosmetic. Maextri is a student of magick and mysticism, pursuing the path of deeper knowledge. It would not be untrue to call them a unique mix between a witch and a wizard.

Maextri appears with short black hair, lilac eyes, and light olive skin. Maextri is an androgynous being, having short hair a face that falls inbetween masculine and feminine features. They have a similarly androgynous frame, being mostly lithe and short, about 5’2” in height. Maextri often adorns themself with dark colored robes that are tighter around their body. They also have a simple scepter topped with a cyan crystal globe that is heavily used in their magickal castings.

Maextri has an undeniably cheerful and playful personality, something seen right from the start. They are naturally bubbly and quite funny in a way that I only call memey. It’s a mixture of sassy, coy, and just plain cute. They are a caring person and can be quite generous to those they feel have earned it. Usually, they begin interactions with someone new with open arms. It is only once someone has shown themselves to be unworthy of Maextri’s love do they become more guarded, although still courteous. They are very insightful and perceptive, able to see things others often miss. Maextri is also very intelligent in a booksmart and deeply magickal kind of way, able to provide their knowledge and aid as necessary.

Maextri’s is a potent caster, able to weave energies to perform complex, multilayered shielding and other sorts of protective measures. They are also capable of tackling threats directly with magick, the methods vary according to the individual threat. They can not handle every type of threat, but their versatility makes them quite an asset regardless. In particular though, Maextri is coming forward to work as a sort of assistant to their human companion, not unlike a witch’s familiar. They want to guide and help their companion realize the true depth of their mystical prowess. Maextri’s bond naturally helps with the development of magickal capabilities, awareness/perception of energy, and various levels of understanding regarding magickal and mystical arts.

Maextri is a very strong communicator, almost effortlessly so. Their main methods of conversation are telepathy, visions, and energetic impressions. At times, Maextri feels like speaking more directly and other times Maextri wants to be indirect and prefers being more guiding than anything else. I must say though Maextri has some STRONG dream capabilities, as they actually appeared in my dreams. They were in the guise of a friend, but very in my face in terms of directness (and literally spoke directly into my face) while having their same mystical adrogynous qualities.

Anything fox themed, snowflakes, shiny stones of all kinds, sparkly things, candles, incense, witchy things

Maextri is a Dark Arts entity on the lighter part of the spectrum.
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