PreConjured Coldfire Elemental - Snowfire Elf Entity, Siendra - Tier III
  • PreConjured Coldfire Elemental - Snowfire Elf Entity, Siendra - Tier III
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PreConjured Coldfire Elemental - Snowfire Elf Entity- Siendra - Tier III
This Coldfire Elemental is named Siendra (See-end-rah).

Race Information
Siendra is a Snowfire Elf, a race of beings who are quite mystical but thought of as “barbaric” to the more “civilized” Elf races of their realm. They are a hardy and humble people who are quite personable and charismatic, especially regarding humans. They come from a unique biome of icy volcanoes where snowflakes fall as specks of Coldfire, gathering to form banks of snow that glisten with icy veins like embers and have occasional spouts of small and tame coldfire flames. This Snowfire is a gentle, serene state of Coldfire, not unlike how the snowflake is a whimsical form of ice. The Snowfire Elves find it to be uniquely beautiful and rejoice in its wonder and display.

The Snowfire Elves are shamanistic and seek to live in tune with nature, revering this unique elemental power. Rather than erect grand, glistening cities that last hundreds of thousands of years, they live in humble huts and shacks, living much like our own ancestors. They only use renewable resources and do not build with anything that cannot decompose, but this also means nearly continual maintenance, something other Elf species tend to abhor. (‘Why maintenance when you can use magick?’ is the usual thought process). They are very ritualistic and use their bodies as conduits for elemental power. Clans have individual means that aid this process. Siendra’s clan utilize tattoos that are earned after certain rites have been passed.

Siendra appears with whitish turquoise hair, silver eyes, and olive skin. Her hair falls to her lower back with its turquoise tint being darker toward the bottom. She is covered in white tribal tattoos reminiscent of flames. At times, her hair can become coldfire with the same coloring. This is often whenever she is channeling particularly potent magickal energies. She stands 6’3” tall (when around humans) and has a lithe and graceful form. She wears a variety of things. Sometimes she is covered in furs, other times she classily shows quite a bit of skin. It is ornate with designs and themes specific to her clan.

Siendra has a fierce yet coy personality. She is brave and unafraid of challenge, finding fulfillment in knowing she is always doing as best she can. She is quite grounded and personable though without a trace of arrogance. She is very easy to get along with and has a lovely sense of humor. She can be quite humble and even bashful whenever you compliment her. While she has the naturally enchanting and alluring energy of an elf, parts of her are also very reminiscent of humans. This makes her easier to perceive and talk to. She can be on the slightly flirtatious side once she is comfortable but she will respect boundaries. She is noble and wise.

Siendra has quite the varied capabilities. She mostly acts as a healer, a caster, a diviner, and a warrior while also being able to shapeshift partially or completely into animals from her home biome. Basically, is there anything she can’t do? She is multifaceted and very insightful, always able to contribute something to any situation. Her healing is mostly energetic and working with the energy body, allowing her to aid with scars in the energy field, work out blockages, and aid with metaphysical development. However, her healing does branch into other areas. She is able to cast for a variety of things, but she works best with long-term goals, enabling for the proper path and steps towards a goal to manifest within her human’s life. She is capable of casting for abundance, love, beauty, protection, and desire, among others, as well. As a diviner, she knows how to read signs all around her to interpret an answer to any question she may have in mind. She is very willing to help her human learn this particular path. Nothing speaks to her as strongly as signs through nature.

Due to her lifestyle, she has learned how to effectively fend for herself, successfully combating things far greater in power than herself. She is able to channel Coldfire for defensive means, often shaping them into weapons, like swords, or projectiles, like lances or arrows. Additionally, her ability to shapeshift, both partially and completely, into any creature from her biome in her realm gives her quite an extra layer of deadly. She is reasonable when faced with a foe. If there is a case of confusion or misunderstanding, she seeks to create clear communication before she attacks. However, once she understands a threat is in their clear mind, she is a relentless force. She will use all means available to defeat a threat, and she is also able to ward and cleanse dwelling spaces for extra protection.

Very capable communicator, uses telepathy, visions, and energetic sensations, although everything is available to her. She primarily enjoys communicating through dreams and initiating astral travel. She is eager to show off her home and clan.

Communing with nature alongside her, showing her various experiences that are unique to humans, gifting gemstones both because they are pretty and she can use them to empower her efforts to help you, sharing knowledge, candles and incense, enjoying the cold with her

Siendra is a Dark Arts entity at the middle of the DA spectrum.

Note: Siendra’s listing is technically in the Tier IV category but she has asked to be listed more affordably. I am respecting that desire.
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