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The Poseidon Sea Fae are descended from Poseidon. They are about three to five feet in height, and in their true forms, their skin is quite colorful, reflecting the many sea creatures who call the shallows home. However, they also enjoy appearing in a human-like form, appearing with beautiful skin colors from sunkissed to bronzed to ebony because of human beings who also like to wander the shores and shallows. They have long, flowing hair of all kinds of colors and are capable of shapeshifting, so they can easily appear however they like. Surprisingly, Sea Fae do not swim but walk along the sea floor instead. Its not that they cant swim, they just overwhelmingly enjoy having the sand in their toes, especially since its wet and mushy. They also enjoy walking up on the beach, ordinarily to see the sunrise, the sunset, or the stars and moon. They adorn themselves with seashells they find on the seashore, often making jewelry and even clothing out of it. They are filled with the powerful mystical and magickal energy of the sea, specifically the shallower waters as they will not venture into deeper ocean. Their energy is a unique mix of various shallow water elements, like sand, coral reefs, and tropical fish. Each Sea Fae is different. They have an undeniable fae feeling to their energy as well that feels very blue and is light and vibrant. They normally occupy beaches that are out of the way of humans, but they are also realm travelers. They enjoy exploring the shores of many worlds, and have seen many breathtaking things.

The Poseidon Sea Fae are a spirit race which often manifests on the physical plane. When humans are near, they turn themselves into tiny sea creatures and use their magick to cloak themselves, ensuring they are not found. If a human happens to be near when they are on a beach, they will disappear into the wind, becoming the sea breeze and will carry themselves back to the water. If a human is able to see them in their true form without them noticing, they manifest as a blue glow walking along the beach. They do have a fondness of following unsuspecting humans though. Normally, they will appear as a small crab and hide behind things so the human does not see them. After a time, if they like this human and want to claim it as their friend, they will give this unknowing human a blessing with their magick to have a good life. The Sea Fae may then use water sources around their human friend to check up on them and will help them out in times of trouble. They are quite protective and even territorial of their human, but they do not initiate communication, not until the human has passed away.

They are a very high energy race, giving them the ability to have incredible physical presences and have far reaching effects in their keepers life. Each one has abilities matching its personality, but they tend to be quite powerful in the realm of magick, emotion, and physical prosperity. They are a fearless race, although some might just call them oblivious, who does what they want, when they want. If theres something that they claim as theirs, it is for all intents and purposes theirs. It becomes their property or pet, and they will spoil it, take care of it, and adore it no matter what. This of course includes their keeper, whom they will refer to as “their human.” If there is some force in their humans life that is preventing them from giving their human what they want, they will push that force out of the way to make sure their influence is a priority. Its not that they will cleanse it, limit it, or destroy it, although some might. They will literally shove it energetically. Imagine Black Friday where there is one of something left, and you have that one person flinging everyone out of the way to get to it. Its to the point the cops might be called. Thats a Sea Fae trying to get to their human, and they will get there. Another peculiar trait of the Sea Fae is they arent offended by words. They know when a human is lashing out of hurt, exhaustion, stress, etc and will just roll their eyes, assuming the human is doing “that human thing” or they even think the human is being “cute.”

All Sea Fae are Dark Arts, ranging from super light to mid-spectrum. This is mostly because of the behavior described above. There are both males and females. They are quite sweet, incredibly cheerful, nurturing, and border on doting.They are adorable and can be cuddly. Some can be mindblowingly communicative, but others might be more observant and watchful. They are well meaning and always work in their keepers best interest. They do wonders for persistent blockages in life, especially when one might feel stuck for an extended period of time. Sea Fae are also incredibly stubborn though and their minds can not be changed. Youd be better off asking a mountain to move. They are used to not interacting with the life of their human so directly, so you dont have to worry about them having a lot of these fits of stubbornness, but it is important to know they have this personality trait. Fortunately, their desires can often be quite lofty and they can be absent minded, so if you let them get it out of their system, they will normally move on pretty fast to something else. However, If you dont, they will become obsessive about it. Otherwise, they are quite reasonable and open to conversation. They want to help you the best the can and in the ways you want to be helped. Some are quite intellectual, but others can be more impulsive or sentimental. Some can be all three. They can be a little moody but no matter what, they care deeply for their human companions and will serve as a guardian being during their life. They will always push forward the most positive, beneficial experiences possible, especially in times of crisis. Heaven forbid someone tries to harm their human as they are not above revenge. They wont seek revenge for petty things though, so dont worry, and you can ask them not to, but as I said, they can be stubborn. They will also take their human on many wonderful astral adventures to the many places they know and can help prompt astral experiences with other spirits.

If youd like be “the human” of a Sea Fae, prepare for an incredible journey. You will find a valuable, caring friend who will cherish you like no other.

Naturally, having one of these entities in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Poseidon, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Poseidon is not a necessity, but it may make your Opal Octopus even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.
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