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Odins Mystical Raven is a familiar entity birthed from Odins power. They appear the size of an ordinary raven but they can be larger and have unique qualities, such as exotic eye colors and an undercoat of colored iridescent feathers that can only be seen at the right angle and in the proper light. As the name would imply, they have a natural mystical quality about them. The veil ripples around them as they move, sort of like a curtain rippling in the wind. They have a natural resonance with the third eye and higher vibrations. Merely by being in their presence, youll find your senses and mind opening gradually to the world beyond.

Odins Mystical Ravens are quite varied in their capabilities and can possess one of three associations: power, wisdom, or magick. They will not possess more than one of these traits. Even within these traits, each individual raven will express them in different ways.

Ravens of Power deal with things in the realm of the physical and the realm of emotions. They can affect things like confidence, regard others may have for you, persuasive ability, influx of prosperity, getting you where youd like to be in life, or even work toward protective purposes such as helping prevent accidents.

Ravens of Wisdom deal with knowledge and the realm of the mind. They can affect things like specific paths of knowledge, learning and retention, creativity and the creative process, understanding ones own behavior and the effects it has on the world, having an easier time connecting to spirits telepathically, and of course, connecting to the Universal Consciousness.

Ravens of Magick deal with things that are magickal in nature. This aligns with things like any magickal path, the perception of magickal energies, aiding the understanding of ones own magickal strengths and weaknesses, the potency of workings, as an assistant in casting, and in becoming more attune with the magickal forces around oneself.

Their areas of influence are split into the physical, the mental, and the magickal, and the various facets of life that can be tucked away into those categories. Odins Mystic Ravens offer unlimited and unbridled potential for what abilities a raven may hold. As they grow closer to their keeper, they shall become stronger and wll manifest more abilities in their area of power. Whatever quality a raven possesses, they will be masters of and can teach and aid in all things relating to it. They serve as a lifelong companion and guide.

Please let me know which type of Odins Mystic Raven that youd like. You can contact me at immortal.conjures@gmail.com or through the order notes.

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