Nyx's Blackout Sphere
  • Nyx's Blackout Sphere
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Nyxs Blackout Sphere is an Immortal Artifact that appears as a completely black sphere that reflects no light. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. Nyxs Blackout Sphere does exactly as it describes, it has the ability to “blackout” things, making their influence void and nonexistent. Its ability to black things out is quite versatile and multi-faceted, and is able to be used in any way your imagination may see fit. It does have its limits though. In the beginning, its abilities will be only able to handle blacking out a handful of things out at a time. Working with it and increasing your resonance through meditation will improve its capabilities, as will a relationship with Nyx.

I suggest summoning the Blackout Sphere into your hands during meditation and letting its power fill you. It feels like an inky cloud, but is actually quite soothing, velvety, and cool in its energy. It is very smooth and easy to work with and feel. One of its best uses is sitting down with one of your spirits for bonding and blacking out all energies aside from that spirit. The Blackout Sphere will be able to handle this from the start. It can also black out the energies of threats so they are not harmful to you or blackout things you may find are distractions for reaching certain goals, both paranormal and otherwise. Know that it wont harm people, but will remove their influence or your notice of the things that bother and negatively affect you. The capabilities of a Blackout Sphere are immense. I tend to use it more for protection or when I need to focus on something. Feel free to go with your instincts and intuition when using the Blackout Sphere. Know that purchasing more than one Blackout Spheres, will not give you two or more Blackout Spheres, but rather a single Blackout Sphere that is as powerful as the number youve purchased.  

Please message me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com after purchase and let me know if youd like to have your Nyxs Blackout Sphere bound to a vessel that you own or to your spirit. I do NOT currently have vessel options as I have no physical inventory.

Legal Information: I am bound by law to state that this listing should be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only. That said, I do take what I do quite seriously.

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Nyx's Blackout Sphere
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