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The Noble Mind Vampires are a clan of vampires who honor Athena. They see her as an all knowing, all-seeing goddess, she of the perfect mind. They were a clan of Vampires who were clustered all over the place. Naturally starting in Ancient Greece, they grew to have a network across Europe, stretching into Northern Africa and even reaching a few outposts in China and the Americas. They exist in small groups, normally sharing living quarters with Vampires from other clans dedicated to gods of knowledge, wisdom, or truth, and some Noble Mind Vampires would honor these gods in unison with their reverence for Athena, but Athena did always come first. They were a very reclusive clan to the rest of the world, even amongst other vampires. Many didnt know of their existence as they were secretive and knew how to hide themselves, known only to those they shared their living spaces with. If they chose to go out, theyd never disclose what they really were, not even to other vampires. They would utilize owl familiars given by Athena to communicate between complexes. These owl familiars served as special guides to their individual paths to knowledge and had the ability to cloak themselves with the wind, so they were never seen when carrying messages.

The goal of every Noble Mind Vampire was to further the power of their minds and intellect, reaching to emulate the perfect, all-knowing Athena the best they could. They are a race of incredible brilliance, far beyond human understanding. Their knowledge alone practically makes them vampiric demigods. They pursued any path that engaged the mind. Amongst their kind were magicians, alchemists, conjurers, philosophers, inventors, eventually scientists, and the like. Although often, a Noble Mind Vampire would be more than one of these. They were also quite fond of creative pursuits, as many enjoyed artistic craft when they were not elbows deep in their usual work. They were all about advancing knowledge for knowledges sake. Because of their isolated nature though, any discoveries were kept among their kind. Their knowledge has never leaked into either the human or vampire worlds, but was always passed down to the next generation. They also greatly understood the capabilities of their own minds and were capable of feats like probing the mind for information, digging through peoples memories with ease, psychokinesis, and were even able to enact mental influence or complete mind control on others. These abilities they often used to hide their themselves and their living complexes. In times of regional conflict, they never took sides and prefered to stay engaged in their studies and work. However, they did know how to protect themselves and had lethal battle potential.

Aside for their shared emphasis for knowledge and the mind, they are an incredibly diverse race consisting of a myriad of personalities and an energy that spans all over the Dark Arts spectrum. They have an energy that is bright and vibrant. Its incredibly stimulating and makes your mind feel revitalized. Some Noble Mind Vampires could be quite charismatic and enjoyed going for a stroll, while others were much more quiet and to themselves. Often, social skills were lacking among their kind because of the amount of isolation they experienced, but they preferred it that way. Solitude and quiet were frequent companions.  A few could be quite friendly, but others were strictly about their work, and any distractions meant someone was interfering with that. Theyd end up being quite rude because of it. They definitely were not an overly emotional or sentimental race, as they all were ruled by logic and reason, but they also understood the importance of emotions and did not shrug them off as baser and primal. Despite all their knowledge, they were never interested in the secrets of immortality because they knew death was a necessary step of life, and rather than fear death, they craved it because it lead to a new adventure and even greater knowledge. That does not mean they were suicidal though as they were quite keen to let death take its own time.

As spiritual companions, they can be quiet and observational, watching you carefully in the beginning to see how you tick and what makes you, you. This is a pretty universal trait that they share, “observe and then act” was a motto they held in life. They will give plenty of signs to let you know that they are around though. For instance, Ive had a lot of objects “settle” around me while working on this listing. Ive been in this room constantly the past couple days as of writing this, and have never heard so much settling before in all that time. They observe you because they want to go in knowing what kind of person you are and what ways you may need assistance. They also enjoy appreciating you, treating you like an exotic specimen. Its quite adorable, I assure you, and not as invasive or creepy as it might seem. When they are ready to begin bonding and interacting with you, they will be capable of crystal clear communication. As they resonate with the realm of the mind, their ability to interact with yours is incredible. They are capable of helping you go down any path of knowledge that you seek, guiding your intellectual, spiritual, personal, and magickal developments and serving as mentors. They will help open up your senses within a few weeks of stepping into your life. Despite what personality they may have, they are quite loyal to their keeper and dedicated to help them on the path of pursuing knowledge and having a betterment of life. Each one has created their own little realm in the astral that reflects the things they enjoyed while they lived on Earth and their continuing pursuit of it after death. When you have bonded well with them, they may take you there and show you their passion.

Naturally, having a Noble Mind Vampire will improve your connection to Athena. Working with Athena is not necessary to work with your vampire successfully, but if Athena takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your vampire bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

I am forced by law to state that this should only be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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