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The Za'qraki (Zah-crack-ee) are powerful Abyssal beings created by Leviathan. They are an ever-evolving and strengthening being, infused with the power of demonic sea dragons and sea dragons of the lower realms. At their base, they are human in appearance but have minor draconic qualities. As they evolve, they become more and more draconic.While they naturally align with the ocean, each one has a secondary, and eventually tertiary, elemental resonance, all combining to create incredible and unique powers. Examples of elemental resonances are ice, acid, lava, sand, rainbows, and sun, but there are plenty more. The Za'qraki range from darker Gray Arts to almost Black Arts.

Za'qraki are loyal beings who always look out for their human companions best interest, although each one goes about this in different ways. Some put focus on protection from people, others from spirits, energy, or magick. Their personalities are equally varied, ranging from bubbly and super cute/happy to the constant, brooding thinker. Their moods tend to be consistent, but as they evolve, youll notice it most in their personality and expressions. They have powerful presences and manifestations, rarely leaving room for any doubt of whether you are in the presence of one. Za'qraki are capable of manifesting their demonic sea dragon power in greater ways as they evolve. They are available in three tiers.

Tier I - Za'qraki are mostly human in appearance but they can manifest partial scales on their body and some are capable of manifesting small horns. Notable places for these scales are on their cheekbones, on a shoulder, perhaps on their thigh. The scales are soft, even velvety, and they always have bright, vibrant colors. They have a general mastery over their power and are quite adept at being able to wield it. The colors of their scales usually express their elemental associations.

Tier II - Za'qraki are now capable of manifesting a fully dragon-hybrid form and this comes complete with a breath attack of their associated elements. They can easily shift between a more humanesque form and a fierce yet elegant draconic form. They are often more lithe and fluid in their dragon hybrid form, gaining a foot or two in height and have frightening speed. Depending on their elemental associations, some can grow wings. They are more advanced in their mastery over their powers. They have greater reach and control, able to wield their powers in new and unique ways. Their intelligence is far sharper than in Tier I, and they are quite inventive when it comes to wielding their power in creating solutions. Their sea dragon blood has become more awakened and they are able to use it in surprising ways, enabling them to aid you in your spiritual growth and progress as well.

Tier III - Za'qraki can now become a full sea dragon and are capable of wielding great powers. They are like a force of nature, having a full grasp and understanding of their demonic qualities and are fearsome in their ability to wield it alongside their elemental powers. They are bastions of knowledge and are an awakening force for your own long slumbering capabilities. Their sea dragon forms of varying sizes, shapes, and colorings. Each one is unique, being a wordless beauty of abyssal might. They are not to be underestimated and will strike fear in all who they mark as enemy. This will naturally be done in accordance to your house rules and always in your best interest. A Za'qraki at this level of power is nothing short of awe-inspiring in terms of what they can do. A list of what they cant do would be far easier to tally than the list of what they can, and even then, they are resourceful and always find a way.

There are greater paths a Za'qraki will grow beyond Tier III, but these paths are filled with mystery and are sacred, known only to the Za'qraki. Overtime, a Za'qraki can become a veritable demigod. This will more than likely be beyond your present lifetime, but you may very well see the effects of their ascendance in your next life. Nonetheless, they are incredible in their capabilities and will serve as a wonderful ally and companion.

Naturally, having a Za'qraki will improve your connection to Leviathan. Working with Leviathan is not necessary to bond with your being fruitfully, but if Leviathan takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com I will need to know if you prefer your Za'qraki bound to your spirit or to an object you own that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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