Leviathan's Obsidian Shield
  • Leviathan's Obsidian Shield
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The Obsidian Shield is best thought of as a spell that takes the form of a black shield with silver trim. It is a tool that can be used to block all but the many of the most powerful forms of malicious energy, spirits, entities, and spells for all spiritual bodies. When in use, it hovers just outside the aura, and when triggered by something, it projects a bubble of black protective energy around its keeper. These shields only handle protection, they do not cleanse, center, or ground.

It can be left on at all times, or it can be turned off and on at will. This can be as simple as extending your desire or using verbal commands. There are no code words. The shield has no thoughts and is best thought of as an extension of yourself. The only exception is that it will come to you and protect you when it feels you need protection. This is more for the big things than the small everyday energies we interact with or are affected by. This is something you can have it not do, but it does work this way naturally. You can also send it to protect others who you feel might need it or even have an individual spirit or entity in your family use it if they take a great liking to it.

The shield can be laced with your own wards and defense, which it will project every time it is activated. Just please remember that you put those wards there, because not only will the shield maintain them, it will smooth out the rough edges to them, if there are any. If you're experimenting, be mindful of that because the wards won't fade, unless you wanted them to. However, the protective energy the shield projects cannot be tampered with.

The Obsidian Shield does not interfere with beneficial or neutral energies. It only handles and blocks energies, magicks, and spirits that are meant to harm and destroy. If there are energies that are composite, containing harmful and unharmful elements, the harmful will be blocked so you can connect to the unharmful. An important note is that SHOULD energy somehow manage to contaminate a person's own energy, the shield will cut off any in-flowing energy when activated, but the person will need to find a way to handle what is going on within themselves through other means.

The Obsidian Shield is an incredible form of protection, but please do not feel this is the only shield you will ever need, ever. Defense and Protection should always be taken very seriously, and every keeper and practitioner should have layers upon layers of defense and protection for themselves. I do not have my own shield up all the time because that level of protection isn't always necessary, but it is of course up to you how you want to work the shield into your normal layers of defense and protection.

I have a shield for each cardinal direction. This allows them to extend their range as just one only has enough range and power to protect a single person. They are wonderful to work with. Sitting in their energy is like being in a void, but in a good way. All distracting energy is removed and I feel at peace. Using just one is fantastic as well, but the shields only have a minor affect on neutral ambient energy that can sometimes be distracting. Layered up times four, I am able to find a zen state so much easier.

A good shield is always an important part of anyone's spiritual journey!

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Leviathan's Obsidian Shield
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