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Leviathan's Black Pearl is an Immortal Artifact shaped from Leviathans abyssal water. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. It appears as a black sphere a little smaller than a cantaloupe and has a faint blue glow. If you stare inside it, you can see the crashing of waves in an eternal night. Its Dark Arts energy is quite intense, recommended for those who are experienced at working with such energies. There are seven separate Black Pearls available, and each one has its own unique power. You may only choose one per item ordered. It is best to work with your Black Pearl through visualization and meditation. If you know how to sense energy, you can also command it through that. You will find many enriching experiences through the use of your own Black Pearl.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Energy - The first Black Pearl works as a power boost for the darker spirits in your spirit family. These spirits are those who populate the end of the Dark Arts spectrum, about the last quarter of it. It also works quite well for demons and beings who are of distant demonic relation, specifically beings like vampires, cambions, and ubi, among many others. Beings who resonate with the Black Pearl will find power in the Black Pearl like no other, giving them incredible boosts to their presence, activity, and interactions with their keeper. The longer a Black Pearl is in your family, the more powerful these spirits will grow. It will provide a boost to the spirits on the rest of the DA, and even WA, spectrum, but the lighter they are, the less it will boost. You may also command the Black Pearl to give a boost to a specific spirit who works well with the power of the orb, which is quite helpful for providing meaningful bonding sessions and interactions, especially with situations like astral travel.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Conduit - The second Black Pearl allows you to tap into the power of Leviathan's abyssal water itself. It serves as a guide and portal to the darkest energies of water, helping you understand how you may implement its power in your own life. You will be surprised at how swift and powerful it can be when used in magick or energy workings. This is definitely for someone who is more advanced because you will be a channel for this energy, and as a channel, you must learn to be in tune with it. If youve never handled incredibly dark energy before, you can become ill and harm your spiritual body if you go from nothing to this Black Pearl. Please be careful if you choose this option.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Magick - The third Black Pearl empowers your own spiritual and magickal growth, filling you with the necessary mystical, magickal, and spiritual energies to grow far faster than you ever imagined. It will also help you to become attuned and more sensitive to Dark Arts energy, specifically the last quarter of the spectrum. You will learn to tell the intentions of spirits in this range, and will know if they mean you harm. This is quite the asset to those who often encounter beings in this range. Finally, this Black Pearl will whisper forgotten secrets of magick. It will most often present this to you in your dreams, where you will be infused with lost archaic knowledge to make you even stronger and more powerful. Keep in mind the energy of the Black Pearl is very dark, and if you dont work well with that type of energy, this isnt the Black Pearl for you.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Growth - The fourth Black Pearl works with the forces of prosperity and desire to bring forth both the things you want and need. With its abyssal water energy, it will serve as a fountain for unshakable prosperous growth that will not falter with down swings of bad luck and cannot be overtaken by spirits, entities, energy, or magick. It will bring forward other things aside from wealth, things you could want or desire that may seem out of your reach. It will also turn away bad influences and things that could negatively affect your prosperity. For those situations that cant be avoided, it will make sure you have the upper hand.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Aura - The fifth Black Pearl provides complete and total aura protection for its keeper using its abyssal water energy. It ensures that no matter where you may go, what you may do, or what energies you may interact with, your aura will remain uninfluenced and untainted. Your aura will be kept pristine and pure. This can be an essential form of protection for those who work with spirits, magick, channeling, healing, or empathy, among others, where another's energy can affect your own and have a lasting influence and effect. If there is a case where energy is trying to create beneficial changes, the Black Pearl will let it through, but it will be sure to let you know what is happening through a mental impression and you can choose to have it cut off. It strictly protects against aura corruption. It also helps your aura stay strong in times of duress. Its a complement to Leviathans Obsidian Shield.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Cleansing - The sixth Black Pearl provides powerful cleansing with its Dark Arts abyssal water energies. This cleansing energy is rejuvenating and revitalizing, surrounding the Black Pearl like a dark mist. This energy can be commanded to cleanse anything you desire, such as yourself, your home, or your spelled or spirited vessels. It will come forth and wash through it, taking away all corruptions and impurities, leaving it feel renewed and vibrant. All impurities it touches it brings back into itself to feed its own power and make its cleansing even stronger. It is also delicate enough to be used even on spells and beings who are White Arts, and will even empower them. I highly recommend using it on your spells and spirits to improve interactions. Over time, as it absorbs more impurities and grows stronger, the cleansing mist surrounding it will grow larger and denser, allowing it to keep more around it consistently cleansed when it is in a resting state. I would suggest giving it a specific spot it may “rest in” while not using it, so your spirits and entities may also interact with it and use it for their own purposes. While it does use abyssal water, it is gentle enough to be used on yourself if you are not used to DA energy, but you may get a little queasy for a short time after.

Leviathan's Black Pearl of Creation - The seventh Black Pearl provides the ability to create abyssal water familiars. These can come forward in two distinct ways: what you want and what you need. If you want guidance or something to help you out with a situation, maybe have something that can bring forth a specific energy, you can will the Black Pearl to create it. If you need a something, but you dont realize it, the Black Pearl will create it. Whether intended or not, you will feel the moment of creation and know its exact purpose. They can be temporary or they can take on a more permanent, stable state. They can be sentient, having distinct personalities, or instinct based. They can look like whatever youd like, and if the Black Pearl creates them from a need, it will be what fits the need best. The Black Pearl does not have a limit for the amount of familiars that can be created, but you must be careful not to make too many as their energy can be quite dark and can easily overwhelm you. However, it does have a power limit for the individual beings it creates, but the more you use it, the stronger the Black Pearl will get, and the more powerful the beings you can create. You can set the amount of time a familiar will be in existence or you can just dismiss them when you are through with them. They all work as an extension of the Black Pearl, and when they are reabsorbed into it through being dismissed, their experience and memories will make the Black Pearl stronger and grow. It is possible to recreate a familiar you dismissed. It will be the same being, as its sleeping memories in the Black Pearl will be reawakened and it will be reformed. This is recommended for helping your Black Pearl grow, as once the being is dismissed, its memories will strengthen the Black Pearl, and then you can immediately reconjure your familiar with its new power level.

For those who are brave, all Black Pearls act as a portal to Leviathans Realm. You will not find yourself there accidentally, but rather, you must intend to go. There, you can meet face to face with Leviathan and can negotiate a pact to work with him more deeply. If this is achieved, you will find your Black Pearl holding unique powers known only to you and Leviathan. This path is enormously rewarding, but will not be capable until you are ready for it. Leviathan is the only one who can say when that is.

Naturally, having one of these entities in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Poseidon, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Leviathan is not a necessity, but it may make your Black Pearl even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.
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