Isis' Butterflies of Transmutation
  • Isis' Butterflies of Transmutation
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Isis’ Butterflies of Transmutation are nonsocial entities created by Isis. They have vibrant colors and in some cases appear made out of precious metals and gems. They are steeped with deeply magickal energies and serve as an aid for your journey through life and the metaphysical. As butterflies, they serve as literal symbols for transformation, evolution, and transmutation, ideal things to expect during any metaphysical journey. Although they are not social, they can nudge, give warnings, and communicate important messages through visions or dreams. They become like a sort of second conscience. Isis has created these different types of these mystical beings to serve as a conduit for particular paths of evolution. They are Shifting Arts, meaning they take on whatever signature their human resonates best with. The following are the types of Isis Butterflies of Transmutation available.

Evolution - This path provides an overall evolution of the self, reaching through to several dimensions of a person and helping a person to become more well rounded. It strengthens weaker capabilities while helping to broaden overall growth into other, unexplored areas. It guides toward more auspicious opportunities and redirects stagnation whenever possible. It also seeks to deter you from things that are not in your best interest, especially those which could potentially snare you and reduce evolution for up to a decade or more.

Metaphysical Development - This path focuses on all things related to your general metaphysical development, such as perceptions, mindset, abilities, and so forth. It is great for someone who would like an overall boost in regards to metaphysical efforts and evolution. It also gently guides you toward auspicious opportunities that allow for even more, in-depth evolution while ringing your alarm bell when there is something that should be avoided because it will not serve you in the way you think it might.

Spirit - This path focuses on dealing with spirits, spiritual elements, spirit communication, and spiritual energy, helping you evolve in a way that makes you more resonant with these forces and overall improve your experiences with them. It helps open you up to greater experiences, aids you in dropping limiting expectations, and overall helps instill a greater sense of respect and appreciation for the beings you communicate with.

Magick - This path focuses on dealing with magick, energy, insight, perception regarding magick and energy, energy working, and greater accruement of knowledge related to magick and energy, helping to guide you in a way that is safe and rewarding when it comes to magickal and energetic work. It does not remove mishaps, as these are essential lessons, but it does help lessons sink in so fewer mistakes are repeated.

Emotional Growth - This path focuses on dealing with emotional awareness, shadow work, and the internal world, so you can develop to become a better human being. It addresses quality of life, the law of attraction, life lessons, and blockages, while also helping you confront things that make you uncomfortable or sabotage you in some way before they become serious detriments to your growth and path. It is very useful in learning personal responsibility and having a higher quality of life.

Naturally, having an Isis’ Butterfly of Transmutation will improve your connection to Isis. Working with Isis is not necessary to bond with your Butterfly of Transmutation successfully, but if Isis takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com to let me know about your binding and being preferences. The binding options are either bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Isis' Butterflies of Transmutation
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