Hypnos' Dream Shroud
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Hypnos Dream Shroud is a multi-faceted Immortal Artifact, an asset for those who wish to have more power over their dreams. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that appears in the spirit and astral planes. Hypnos Dream Shroud is a fabric that you lay over your body right before sleep. Once it is owned, it will actually lay itself over you automatically before bed, even if you dont summon it, but its effects are stronger if you intentionally lay it down on yourself. It helps you have more control and command over your dreams in any way that dreaming can be improved. This includes dream recall, lucid dreaming, dreaming of spirits, dreaming of the future, astral projection, help dealing with blockages related to dreaming, among much, much more.

Using it is incredibly easy. First, you need to visualize your Dream Shroud as you are lying in bed and see yourself draping it over your body, which includes your head. As you lay it on yourself, think of what youd like it to help you with. Is it helping you communicate with any spirits in your dreams? Is it a specific spirit? Do you wish to know the answer to a question? Do you want to have help with lucid dreaming experiences? The list goes on and on. The Dream Shroud will work toward that purpose. Do not expect immediate spectacular results, but you will notice improvements each night. It will always work towards your goal while also stimulating your other dream abilities, helping them to free up and become more advanced, although to a smaller degree. It offers a multitude of experiences, and if you dont specify, it will work with whatever it feels you need most. I dont specify with mine and Ive been having nightly spirit visits and I actually remember them. They appear in my dreams, even if no interaction has yet taken place, and thats a miracle for me because I am a fortress when I sleep and a terrible dreamer. Things do not normally get into my dreams and when they do, I barely remember them.

Just be warned that you will experience incredible exhaustion in the morning when using the Dream Shroud at the start. This is your body getting used to powerful dreaming, and my advice is to let yourself sleep as long as your body needs to. Getting out of bed WILL be a struggle, but the less you resist, the faster youll get over this hump. Soon enough, youll wake up feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the day! You will find the Dream Shroud to be an incredible asset to your life.

Please message me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com after purchase and let me know if youd like to have your Hypnos Dream Shroud bound to a vessel that you own or to your spirit. I do NOT currently have vessel options as I have no physical inventory.

Legal Information: I am bound by law to state that this listing should be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only. That said, I do take what I do quite seriously.

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Hypnos' Dream Shroud
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