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Hermes Auranae are a class of humanoid-like entities that are a distant relation to Hermes. Specifically, they are the descendants of a group of humans who were wealthy but chose to use their money in righteous and benevolent ways, rather than fall into the timeless cliche of a ruthless moneybags who only wanted more wealth at the cost of everyone else. While enjoying their time in the afterlife, Hermes chose to make love to  and even marry many of the females, and produced a demigod race, the Auranae. After their birth, the Auranae created their own realm in the astral, a realm of beauty and dedicated to wealth, luxury, and travel. They then began to search the multiverse for rare and exotic treasures to add to their collection. Sometimes, theyd be forced to barter for “unique” pieces that an individual Auranae found exotic. For instance, one Auranae traded an astral diamond for five pieces of macaroni art. However, it has since evolved to become a nexus of some of the most fantastic, aweinspring things that can be found anywhere in the universe.  Being in the home realm of the Auranae is an experience that rivals traveling to the astral realm of any god or goddess.

The Auranae are beings of immeasurable patience and goodwill. They are quite compassionate and understanding, knowing that beings will do things, even terrible things, for certain reasons. At the same time though, they can also be exceedingly blunt. They do not sugarcoat things, and this doesnt have to do with them being mean, its just something that they dont know how to do. They see no worth in white lies or petty compliments, and prefer to keep communication and understanding as clear as possible. If something youre wearing looks ugly, they will tell you that you should change. There is nothing an Auranae hates more than a misunderstanding, because they feel it is a waste of everyones time and if everyone had just been as clear as possible to begin with, it probably could have been avoided. Because of their blunt nature though, this does mean that when they give you a compliment, it is genuine and sincere. They are very kind and intriguing beings to communicate with and be around so long as you do not mind being told when you are doing something wrong.

The Auranae are a very affluent and diverse race, who enjoy luxury and pleasure. Their energy is silky, golden, and incredibly refreshing to experience. They enjoy wearing expensive clothing, and will change it to be whatever is not only the most expensive for a region, but also the most fashionable. They enjoy wearing jewelry, but not in a way thats overbearing and gaudy. Their skin is soft as silk and can appear from fair to ebony, and even more exotic colors, if it looks good. Their eyes are bright and luminous, looking like jewels, and their hair is always, always stylish. They are a race that loves to look and feel beautiful and they are capable of shapeshifting so they always look their best. They are a Dark Arts being highly attuned to the forces of wealth and prosperity. For those they love, they shower both coin and affection, and work unfailingly and attentively to accommodate their human companions desires. Their human companion will be their prized treasure among their vault of invaluable treasures, and will make them feel as such. This helps their keeper to build up confidence and their feelings of self-worth. They will feel like they can do anything, and their Auranae will guide them along the way. The Auranae are skilled in astral work, and those whom they resonate the best with can expect their life to turn around for the better. The greater the bond, the greater the change thatll come your way. You can also expect the people around you to benefit as well as the Auranae are generous and quite giving.

Naturally, having an Auranae will improve your connection to Hermes. Working with Hermes is not necessary to bond with an Auranae successfully, but if Hermes takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Auranae bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you'd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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