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Hermes' Astral Shard is an Immortal Artifact created by Hermes, appearing as an indigo crystal shard about three to four inches long. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. It is a literal piece of the astral plane, created from pure, condensed astral energy and holding incredible astral power. It will empower all astral efforts and naturally align you with all things that involve, exist, or happen on the astral plane, including energies, spirits, entities, and magic.  To work with it, simply visualize yourself pushing the shard into your third eye, and as you do this, think of what youd like it to do for you. Now this may sound cringeworthy, but you can imagine the shard lighting up and melting into your third eye if thats better. Follow your instincts, as that works best. Using the Astral Shard will aid you to achieve concrete, crystal clear astral experiences while awake. You may also choose to use it before bed to help initiate astral travel while sleeping. Think of either where you would like to go, who youd like to go with, or you can just ask for astral travel and see where it takes you. The Astral Shard also has the ability to naturally feed astral magic, spirits, and entities power, meaning you can work its energies directly into energy workings and spells for an amazing boost!

Just as a warning, it can put strain on the third eye and can cause headaches. You will also go through an adjustment period for it to reach max effectiveness, as it quite powerful and your energies need to acclimate. When done using it, visualize yourself reaching into your third eye and pulling it out, or using whatever visualization that feels most comfortable. Do not leave it in your third eye as this may cause headaches and increased strain. Its best to start with short sessions using it and slowly increase the time of those sessions as you use it.

Naturally, having an Astral Shard will improve your connection to Hermes. Working with Hermes is not necessary to bond with an Astral Shard successfully, but if Hermes takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Astral Shard bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Hermes' Astral Shard
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