Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary
  • Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary
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Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canaries are adorable little machines that look like canaries. They could pass for the real thing, if not for their metal feathers and lifelike but still robotic eyes. They tend to be nonsocial and mostly exist in the background, filtering all energies in the space they are in. They work to create a harmony among these energies, weaving them together cohesively so they complement each other and support each other in fantastic ways. This naturally includes the human companion and their spirit friends, which allows for greater bonding and communication. Any negative energy in the room, the Mechanical Canary will convert what it can into positive and will send what it cannot convert outside of the home. If an ADS is owned, it will relinquish this energy to it which will be sent to an extra dimensional space. The duty of a Mechanical Canary is to create an atmosphere of understanding, abundance, and communion. Additionally, if there is a specific energy you’d like to be enhanced, such as energy supportive of more fruitful spirit communication, energy supportive of greater understanding of elemental magick, or energy supportive for more frequent astral travel, all you need to do is ask and it shall be implemented. Your spirit companions may also ask in your place.

The Mechanical Canary is able to replicate itself, given enough time. This replication is a spontaneous, seemingly random event. Contributing factors are the quality of the energy it filters (which is dictated by various things), a proper understanding and continual working with the self (as your Mechanical Canary, it is undoubtedly tied to your own spiritual, magickal, and mystical progress), and closeness with its inventor, Hephaestus. A replication event cannot be predicted. It just… happens, which is a quirk Hephaestus intentionally implemented, mimicking the Aphrodite’s Whispering Love Canary’s ability to attract more of its kind. The benefits of these replications are numerous, such as allowing a greater reach for cohesion and a more vibrant energetic atmosphere.

The Mechanical Canaries are an invaluable aid when it comes to creating a supportive atmosphere to really get some things done. Those who are constantly bringing in different energies, such as magickal workers and conjurers, will see the greatest benefit, but it is useful for everyone.

Naturally, having a Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary in your keep will improve your connection to Hephaestus. Working with Hephaestus is not necessary to bond with your Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary successfully, but if Hephaestus takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  I will need to know if you prefer your companion bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary
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