Hephaestus' Forged Dragonfire Familiar
  • Hephaestus' Forged Dragonfire Familiar
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The Forged Dragonfire Familiar is a mechanical dragon that can appear about three to fifteen feet in length but can also take on a fleshy dragon form. It is forged by Hephaestus using a dragons fire, in order to imbue the familiar with draconic energy and qualities. Their form consists of an inner frame and an exoskeleton. Between the two is pure, raw elemental energy which can be seen through the openings in the familiar's exoskeleton plating. This energy is provided by its core, which is a crystal made from its distilled elemental essence. This elemental energy gives the Dragonfire Familiar its power and capabilities, which are custom made for their keeper, giving their keeper full support for their spiritual or magickal path while also having the natural qualities of their elemental energy. The elemental energies available are not just the classical five of water, fire, earth, air, and spirit, but also includes things like ice, lightning, clouds, flowers and even emotions like love, peace, rage, and hope. The options are endless, so long as it is some sort of “force” in the world.

Something like a familiar made with rage may seem like a bad idea, but it would not actually make for a rageful familiar. Rather, it would understand how to control rage, help you learn how, and turn that rage into something productive like motivation or passion whenever you are getting upset. On top of that, it would have abilities that would help you in what ways you need to best support your journey. Theres not a set amount of abilities that it can come with, as each dragon is unique, but I would say that generally it can have up to three core aspects it can affect as in a general area and up to five abilities for each aspect, which are much more specific. It can have more, it can have less. It just depends the purpose the familiar is being created for and what it is you need for that purpose.

When you are ordering your Mechanical Dragonfire Familiar, think of what purpose you are getting it for. Is it to aid your spiritual progress? Then the familiar may have the core aspect of supporting third eye growth with the abilities of opening the third eye without harm, giving a clarity to mental images, aiding with telepathic communication, improving perception of energy and improving ability to read energy. Then there are still two potential core aspects that it can have! Really, it will only have as much as it needs but it is an incredibly diverse being. When ordering, think of a general idea of what youd like and Hephaestus will hammer out the specifics.

Mechanical Dragonfire Familiars are sentient, completely aware of their existence, their purpose, and their creation, but they are also a being that has a certain vibrancy to their energy that feels bright and like life while also having strong draconic tones. They wish to be with their keeper and experience the world. They are  extraordinarily loyal beings. They always care for their keeper and always have their keepers best interests in mind. Hephaestus tries to create a familiar that resonates best with its human companion, which includes their personality and where they are on the energetic spectrum. If you resonate best with Dark Arts energies at the end of the spectrum, Hephaestus will make it have that signature so you can get the best experience for it. This can also affect their personality as can their abilities and element. They are beings dedicated to their keepers well-being and make for wonderful companions.

Naturally, having a Forged Dragonfire Familiar will improve your connection to Hephaestus. Working with Hephaestus is not necessary to work with your familiar successfully, but if Hephaestus takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your familiar bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Hephaestus' Forged Dragonfire Familiar
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