Hecate's Soul Wisp
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Hecates Soul Wisp appears as a ball of wispy light that hovers and floats through the air, much like a Will O the Wisp. It appears like a glowing ball of fog, and it is infused with many colors, all depending on its keeper. The Soul Wisp is fundamentally a part of you. It is created from you. It is the accumulation of your entire souls history, from your first life all the way to your present, and even is created from the various branching paths that lie in your many future lives, although this is mostly key events that they all share. It is created from your greatest potential, your greatest fears, and the secret parts of yourself that even you dont know about or understand. It will serve as a guide to help you move forward in your life path, and understand yourself. Working with it, you can understand anything and everything about yourself. It will bring out the truest you in all its forms. While I tend to write a lot in my listings, theres not much else to say as Hecate wants all who read this to interpret it differently and in their own way.

Naturally, having a Soul Wisp in your keep will improve your connection to Hecate. Working with Hecate is not necessary to bond with a Soul Wisp successfully, but if Hecate takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Soul Wisp bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Hecate's Soul Wisp
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