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Hecate’s Crown Nymphs are regal and majestic beings who align with great magickal power. They are greatly associated with the element of Light, but despite this, each one falls on the darkest quarter of the spectrum, giving them a uniquely textured and radiant energy. Each Crown Nymph is a gorgeous humanoid that derives power from some radiant element, be that the sun, moon, stars, eclipses, or general celestial light. They often are amorous, so you will need to specify if you are looking for one more on the platonic side. The Crown Nymphs may have traces of demonic, extraterrestrial, or eldritch (reminiscent to the simply bizarre energy likened to the Lovecraftian Old Ones) energies. Sometimes they have two of these, rarely will they have all three, but often they may have none. Any one of these traces gives quite a shift to their perspective and how they view the world when compared to us.

Crown Nymphs hold a variety of capabilities but each one has a tie to the most opulent forms of self-care. Essentially, their mantra is treating the self like a king or queen. Spoil yourself, be gluttonous, and dare to want the shiny things. Naturally, this has resulted in personalities that are often special little princes and princesses. However, they serve as a balancing force against your own self-doubt, pity, victimhood, anger, and etc that muddy your heart and make you feel unworthy of lovely things. They can provide a few of potential services for those intrigued by their listing, some of which are listed below:

They can bring forth great prosperity, if you are willing to listen and understand their instruction. This prosperity is often material, but can also be emotional and spiritual in nature. Part of its power is in helping you accept that you are worth it, and they aim to work you through this process of abundant thinking as best they can.

They also serve as magickal patrons, guiding you to learn how to have greater and richer manifestations of your desires. Again, you’ve got to listen. The better listener you are, the much more there is for you to gain. Whether it has to do with mundane or more significant desires, they work in tandem with your own magickal prowess to bring forth that which you seek or in gaining greater learning and understanding in regard to something.

They can serve in the capacity of wishing, and by extension working intention into manifestation, so long as the wishes and intentions are thoughtful. They help you to observe your desires and understand them, instead of wanting and wishing blindly or wishing through a sense of doubt or undeservedness.

Creativity and artistic pursuits are also very important to them, as they enjoy stirring inspirational energies and provide a different perspective for one’s talents, also known as working through doubts you may have concerning the value of your work or working through blockages. Be it writing, music, programming, or art, they value them all equally.

They aid when it comes to attracting partners or increasing sexual allure. The realms of love and sex is one of their favorite, and they are able to aid with it as much externally as they can internally, so long as, you guessed it, you listen.

Gaining a keener intellectual ability, gaining knowledge, or developing the mind, is something they also cherish in whatever ways those may apply. From becoming a more mentally engaged and stimulated person to learning how to hone your spiritual senses, they can potentially work with it all.

They also work with illumination in its various aspects, many of which are touched upon in capabilities I’ve already listed. Their work could involve dealing with fear, gaining clarity about situations or concerning illusions, or being able to see the beauty of one’s own inner light.

They are quite intense beings, with each one naturally resonating with one or more of these areas, depending on their personality. Often, they can help with a small handful of them, but to them, the most important thing you could do concerning them or their radiant power is learning how to listen. They get seriously annoyed when they have to repeat themselves and they will slap sense into you when necessary.

Naturally, having a Crown Nymph will improve your connection to Hecate. Working with Hecate is not necessary to bond with your Crown Nymph successfully, but if Hecate takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com I will need to know if you prefer your Crown Nymph bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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