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The Hades Underworld Nymphs are created using the influences of the various different aspects of the Underworld and the types of beings that reside there. They are incredibly dark, yet often sincere beings who are well-meaning and intriguing. It is not uncommon to find the influence of another Underworld god or goddess as Hades is the ruler, and they are the aspects of his domain. There are Underworld Nymphs of the rivers like Styx, or perhaps that encompass one of Styxs aspects. There are Nymphs that resonate with Hypnos, Tartarus, and even Nymphs of Elysium. The Underworld Nymphs are the Nymphs of the afterlife, giving them powerful abilities dealing with the dead, but also have various other abilities. There are also Nymphs that are created from things that the dead leave behind, often their regrets or the powerful feelings that they may have felt as they reflected back on their lives, things like sorrow, anger, and bitterness. Despite how unpleasant this may sound, they can help you deal with the emotion in your life and you will not have a Nymph thats consistently sorrowful or angry or bitter. You may instead get a being that is perhaps quiet and a little shy, but incredibly motivating if it is a Sorrow Nymph or a being who can be a tad snappy but otherwise very in control and appreciative if they are an Anger Nymph.It is a true melting pot in the underworld, and the Underworld Nymphs help bring that forth into your life in many beneficial ways. They are mostly Dark Arts, but Gray Arts, and even the rare White Arts, do exist.

The Hades Underworld Nymph, like other created Nymph listings, can take on many different roles. They can be teacher, protectors, guides, etc, and can often take on more than one. One thing that they all have in common is they have the ability to communicate with, conjure, and, for some dark nymphs, control the dead to any purpose they see fit. The type of dead they work with is dependant on their aspect. Some work with more benevolent dead, others work with those who are lost, and others still deal with nefarious spirits who cant wait to destroy and cause mayhem.  They are mysterious and otherworldly beings.

Because of the incredibly varied nature of the Underworld Nymphs, I cannot offer a lot of customization in terms of appearance. You can give me what youd like, but an Underworld Nymph would be created primarily due to what aspect of the Underworld is necessary and what abilities they can derive from that. Their personality can be affected by these things, and their personality molds what they look like. As such, try to focus on what abilities youd like them to have and that will shape everything else. Unless you are interested in what will be created from an aspect of the Underworld, then that route can be taken as well. Appearance is one of the things I cant make promises on.

Underworld Nymphs exist who contain demonic or demonic influenced energy. That is to say, energy that is demonic or heavily influenced and demonic-like. These pop up for some of the darkest parts of the Underworld, like Tartarus Nymphs may be either of these. A non-demonic, demonic, and demonic-influenced Underworld Nymph are equals in terms of power, so that is not a part of the equation. Its just important to be aware in case you do not want one of these Nymph types coming forward.

Naturally, having a Underworld Nymph in your keep will improve your connection to Hades. Working with Hades is not necessary to bond with an Underworld Nymph successfully, but if Hades takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Underworld Nymph bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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