Freyja's Mark of the Valkyrie
  • Freyja's Mark of the Valkyrie
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Freyjas Mark of the Valkyrie is a powerful Immortal Artifact bestowed by Freyja. It appears as a badge or emblem of sorts, unique to the person, and serves as a potent conduit for the energy of Valkyries. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. What it brings forth for each person is a mystery as no two people will find it affecting them in exactly the same way. Some may find themselves courageous, others may find themselves becoming more physically beautiful, and yet others may find their spiritual and magickal development grow exponentially. Whatever it chooses to empower, there will be immediate results. It is ultimately Freyja who decides what shall be bestowed and the Mark will grow even more powerful over time.

Another, even more powerful, aspect of the Mark of the Valkyrie is its ability to summon a Valkyrie in a time of need. This need is not strictly just for defensive purposes, but can be for nearly anything that requires a divine intervention. However, this unique and wonderful power is one that needs to be unlocked as only those who are deemed worthy will find Valkyries as their allies. Those who feel they would like this added benefit may ask their mark to judge them. A trial shall shortly commence and if it is passed, than a whole new world of divine power awaits to assist you. This trial can be done as many times as necessary and can come in surprising forms. Sometimes the simplest of acts are the most defining.

The first power of the Mark of the Valkyrie is available to all who choose to own it, so know that you will find that power having an influence in your life. The second power is unique and must be regarded as a special honor without expectations. Some people may feel it is not “fair” that they purchase something and not have full access. Excuse the bluntness but the second power is not for you and it is best to walk away. Working with Immortals is a sacred process that has no true monetary value.

Please let me know how you would like your Odins Rune Stone bound. The options are bound to spirit or to an object that you own and would like to serve as a vessel. You may contact me at immortal.conjures@gmail.com

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be consider for entertainment purposes only.

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Freyja's Mark of the Valkyrie
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