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Freyja’s Luminous Light Elves are beautiful, radiant beings. They are cultured and educated, often dedicating a large portion of their lives to study in an established learning center. They are steeped in knowledge, magick, and mysticism, often students of the inner workings of the cosmos. They are extraordinarily powerful magickal workers, a power accumulated through their bloodlines and hundreds of years of practice and experimentation. They often live in luxury, to the point that they can be a touch elitist. Fortunately, they are not condescending and adore what they deem as “lesser creatures,” giving them ridiculously charismatic and intensely nurturing qualities. They are irresistible as friends and companions, but there are a quirky few that would consider a human their pet. Despite their seemingly soft disposition, they are not as delicate as they look or act. Each Luminous Light Elf is a capable warrior with quite a bit of skill when it comes to battle and protection. In fact, each one that comes through this listing has a bit of prestige when it comes to warfare, having earned honor in one way or another. Each Light Elf is different in terms of interests, personality, and capabilities, but each is gorgeous, is an incredible magickal worker and serves as a stalwart guardian. There are three categories of Luminous Light Elves available: The Light Elves of Mysticism, the Light Elves of Radiance, and the Light Elves of Luxury.

The Light Elves of Mysticism are scholars more focused on magicks and mysteries. While all Luminous Light Elves have worked in this area, Light Elves of Mysticism are practically obsessed with it. They devour any source of knowledge on mysticism they can find, to the point that many have traveled very far to gain a choice few secrets. They also have made many powerful allies in their pursuit, friendships formed in the trading of knowledge, and are quite eager to make their human companion a part of this network. Light Elves of Mysticism work best with humans who are ever thirsty and curious. They are vaults of knowledge and offer a horde of lessons that could stretch out past this lifetime. They help with one’s spiritual journey and can serve as a great guide and mentor if you are wanting to delve deeper into the world of magick.

The Light Elves of Radiance are scholars who have put a greater focus on studying beauty, kindness, love, and other forces of benevolence and positivity. Each has a pure and gilded heart, offering a level of kindness and compassion usually unfathomable to us living humans. Being in their presence is like bathing in the light of a gentle, warming star that brings peace and serenity. They have dedicated themselves to bringing greater richness into the lives of those they cross, and they never disappoint in this regard. They are the most beautiful of the Light Elves, close to divine in terms of appearance. They excel at beneficial workings, converting negative energies into positive, clearing spaces, breaking/reversing malicious magicks, and bringing greater light and goodness into their human keeper’s life. Despite being practically angelic, they are still Dark Art beings.

The Light Elves of Luxury are scholars who have focused their study on prosperity, wealth, and abundance, gaining an in depth understanding in how to live a life of true luxury to the point of excess. They are enormously generous personalities who often work in trade, study cultures, and make a habit of living not just a life of luxury but also pleasure, creating a trail of lovers wherever they travel. They are in tune with the force and gravity of willpower and always know how to get exactly what they are seeking. They are excellent when it comes to living a higher quality life, controlling negative and inhibiting emotions, working past bitterness, becoming comfortable with the self, and embracing the path of success ( which does include many failures, incidentally).

Regardless of which type you choose to bring forth into your life, each is quite gifted and excited to help out in what ways they can. They consider this a new course of study and are honored to be invited by Freyja to embark on it. They are well behaved, courteous beings of endless patience and curiosity.

Naturally, having a Luminous Light Elf will improve your connection to Freyja. Working with Freyaja is not necessary to bond with your Luminous Light Elf successfully, but if Freyja takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com I will need to know if you prefer your Luminous Light Elf bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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