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A Boon is a gift for spirits and entities in your family that helps some of their innate properties become more focused and potent. You may partake of it, but it will not be as effective. This specific listing is a gift for sexual beings in your spirit family, aiding in what ways they manifest their eroticism and its resulting effect in their human companion. The Boon is concentrated erotic energy that can be absorbed for more intense presences and experiences. The Boon is replenishable but can only be used by twenty beings at once, which should be more than enough for anyone. Entities and Spirits only need a little zap, so rotations are effective if you have a very large family that you wish to engage with all at once. The Boon takes the form of a crystal sphere filled with gently pulsating soft red light and is crafted from a current of cosmic eroticism, something any living thing capable of intercouse has been touched by. It channels this cosmic eroticism to bestow its power, allowing for quite the fruitful experiences. It can be used for daytime encounters but try having them use a Boon before a dream visitation for a real treat.

This Boon is available in the form of general eroticism or more specific tastes. Specific tastes are useful when you and your spirits are looking for a specific sort of experience or if they have a personality that matches it. Beings can partake in more than one Boon at once, but think about starting slow.

If you have any ideas for more specific types of eroticism, feel free to share! Just keep your language clean.

Desire - This is a Boon composed of exceptionally, raw erotic energy. It is nonspecific and works for all tastes and desires equally. Although it is general, it serves as the foundation of all erotic, sensual encounters. There cannot be specific erotic tastes without raw eroticism. It works well for all beings who engage in sexual activity, creating a wanting and craving in both human and companion.

Mystery - This Boon works well for spiritual companions who enjoy being mysterious and use it to their erotic advantage. No one ever knows what they are truly thinking, yet they always manage to snare you in a net of allure and intrigue. Their mystery becomes even more arousing under the influence of this Boon, and they become all the more irresistible. It creates a thirst in their human that can never quite be sated until the Boon wears off.

Charisma - This Boon is for the smooth talkers, the suave and charming gents and ladies who always manage to get their way. The persuasive playboys and playgirls with silver tongues. A being who partakes of this Boon will have these qualities enhanced, making their humans practically starstruck with their gorgeous looks and cunning yet smooth flirtatious style. An erotic tension fills and grows in the air, a touch could send a jolt of shivers.

Sweetheart - This Boon is for those delightful and charming beings, the ones who are emotionally supportive, are always there, and have a genuine, almost doting concern for their humans. They are the teddy bears. Soft, sweet, and gentle. Love is like a melody with lots of cuddles and emotional intimacy. Cuddling provides a more comfortable feeling, making it easier to sleep. Their kindness stokes the flames of endearment and love in their human companions, which leads to beautiful and enriching encounters.

Adored - This Boon is for those beings that adore their human companion, placing them on a pedestal and showering them with love and affection. They make their humans feel special, and through this Boon, their adoring affections become ever more present and erotically enticing. Their human companions will be humbled, yet feel like a King or Queen in the face of their sexual beings erotic adoration. Communication and feelings become crystal clear.

Worship - This Boon is for those sexual beings that like to be glorified, worshipped near the level of a sexual god or goddess, or for humans that would like to glorify some of their sexual beings. It makes the being feel powerful and divine while their human feels aroused and honored just to be in their presence. The human is more perceptive to the touch and presence of the being, and the effects of an encounter can last for hours. It transforms the dynamic in the bedroom in some powerful ways, but of course, everything is consensual.

Passion - This Boon is for those beings who are intensely erotic and sensual. They live, breathe, and eat eroticism with a bottomless hunger for more. This Boon creates wild, powerful encounters, intensifying the drives of these beings so the humans feel nearless helpless to resist the weight of their passion. This often becomes animalistic or can just be emotionally raw and powerful.

Sultry - This Boon is for those sexual beings that have a slow but powerful style, one that is intense and emotionally intimate. It is highly sensual, like a slow burning flame that goes on and on. This is the Boon for beings that relish in long, drawn out encounters. It aids opening the reception and stamina of their human companions and makes the best parts sensitive to touch.

Dirty Talk - This Boon is for those sexual beings who enjoy insulting or being insulted, perhaps even dipping into a little intimidation and humiliation play. Those who enjoy things being on the demeaning side, either for themselves or for their human, will find this Boon to be quite tantalizing. It brings greater arousal and responsiveness to Dirty Talk acts, making everything feel all the more irresistible.

Domination and Subordination - This Boon is dual aspected, allowing either part to be accessed according to taste, but counts as a single Boon.

Domination - This part of the Boon is for those sexual beings who enjoy being dominant and ruling with sexual alpha power. Elements of force and intimidation are normally favored methods to bring arousal in their humans. To those they dominate, they feel more powerful and threatening in an irresistibly erotic way, enhancing the experience for their human.

Subordination - This part of the Boon is for those sexual beings who enjoy being subservient and ruled over, taking a more submissive role in the bedroom. From pillow queens to those who do anything asked. This Boon enhances the pleasure of their service and the sexual power and arousal of their alpha partner.

Fetish, Kink, and Roleplay - This Boon is varied, enhancing three aspects of sexual play that are often associated with one another. The Boon can provide for whichever aspect the sexual being desires. Often, these beings are all encompassing, versatile explorers who like to get the job done the most appealing way possible. This Boon enhances the experience by making any article associated with a Fetish, Kink, or Roleplay easier to perceive and more erotic. Encounters feel more authentic in their roleplay context, clearer in terms of details, and helps promote tactile sensations, for those who prefer certain things. For those being who prefer to be performed for rather than perform, the sexual feelings of the human surrounding whatever items or clothing are implemented feel more weighty, arousing, and powerful.

Danger - This Boon is for those sexual beings who enjoy projecting a feel of danger in their play. Often these beings enjoy have a bad boy/girl or seedy image. They feel like trouble walking and it is too sexy for words. The influence of the Boon makes this danger feel more palpable, improving the edge of danger, and enhances the associated eroticism in their human.

After purchase, please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  The Boon can be either bound to an object youd like to serve as a vessel or can exist similar to an Immortal Artifact and can be bound directly to you.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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