Dionysus' Ewer of Spirit Wine
  • Dionysus' Ewer of Spirit Wine
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Dionysus Ewer of Spirit Wine is an intriguing Immortal Artifact that enhances the natural traits and talents of a being who drinks it, be they human, spirit, or entity. However, each Ewer of Spirit Wine must be created with a certain user or users in mind. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. Each Ewer is unique, having individual appearances and created with special processes by the powers of Dionysus. Despite being called a “Spirit Wine,” it does not necessarily intoxicate the imbibers, but it can bestow a trance of sorts in some, depending on who the Ewer is for and how the Ewer is created. While dubbed “wine,” the Ewer pours forth a drink of pure energy that perfectly complements the owners capabilities.

A Dionysus Ewer of Spirit Wine can be crafted for yourself, your spirit family, a race of spirits or entities in your family, a small group of spirits who share a purpose, or a single spirit. Basically, you can go as general or as specific as youd like in regards to who “owns” the Ewer, but the more specific, the stronger the effects of the Ewer and its Spirit Wine. Those who do not own the Ewer may still drink from it and can be empowered, but the effects will be reduced compared to how it affects the owner. Drinking from the Ewer owned by one of your spirits will also help you bond and work with them more closely.

If youd like certain qualities to be more enhanced by an Ewer than others, you can specify this after purchase. These would be things such as greater ability for a spirit to visit during dreams, enhance the power of a beings love or prosperity workings, or perhaps even give yourself an adaptive, fluid, creative energy. The purpose for a Ewer of Spirit Wine, while powerful, is simple in its expression. The fewer qualities you force it to enhance, the more potent the Wine will be. If you do not prefer for it to enhance any particular traits over others, then Dionysus will make it according to what will be most essential in the long term.

Ultimately, the options for the creation of an Ewer are quite versatile, offering aid for whatever you feel you may need out of yourself, your spirit family, or one of your spirits. Often if there are certain experiences you are wanting to have, a Dionysus Ewer of Spirit Wine can help you on your way to it.

Naturally, owning a Ewer of Spirit Wine will improve your connection to Dionysus. Working with Dionysus is not necessary for anyone to work with an Ewer of Spirit Wine successfully, but if Dionysus takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please message me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com after purchase and we will discuss the binding of the Ewer of Spirit Wine. It can be remotely bound to a vessel or bound directly to its owner, if theres only one, or a designated caretaker if the Ewer is owned by many. I do NOT currently have vessel options as I have no physical inventory.

Legal Information: I am bound by law to state that this listing should be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only. That said, I do take what I do quite seriously.

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Dionysus' Ewer of Spirit Wine
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