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The Dionysus Delinquents are highly sexual entities, created by Dionysus, who represent the best of sin and debauchery. Dionysus used Satyr energy in their creation, giving them a love for mischief, trouble, and sex. They are all about being wild, causing trouble, and getting their way. They find havoc highly entertaining, epitomizing the bad boy and bad girl trope to their core. They are insanely charismatic beings who are quite persuasive, able to get anything they want out of anyone, if they really wanted to. No one is safe from their charm, as they are able to get people to do things they wouldnt normally do, sometimes even directly contradictory to their character. Its not that they make people do bad things, but rather they inspire people to be free and let go of their inhibitions and get a little crazy. It helps people remove the stick that Delinquents believe are far too high up many peoples butts.

For all their chaos, sex, and trouble, they actually make for incredible companions. They are not dangerous and would never want to put their keeper in harms way. Although they might prank their keeper. They are free spirits and are not weighed down by the little things in life. They do what they want and understand how to get what they want out of life. In general, they tend to have a who gives a damn attitude about anyone else but their keeper. They just feel its not their problem and they wont make another persons burdens their own. Their keeper, on the other hand, is their absolute obsession. Much like satyrs chasing female spirits, a Delinquent is obsessed with getting in their keepers pants. When they are around, they will be quite attentive to their keeper and will try every angle they can to hit that sweet spot, taking on all of their keepers turn-ons and fetishes to get their way.

For all their troublemaking and mischief, the key to keeping a Delinquent behaved is through sex. A keeper must use their sexual wiles to subdue the wild nature of their Delinquent. It isnt all that hard as a Delinquent is ready to do all the work. They adore their keeper and are dedicated to their keepers desires, fulfilling their wildest fantasies. They have a voracious sexual appetite, and will want to sleep with their keeper again and again and again, entertaining their keeper for hours without the slightest dip in the intensity of their presence. Dont worry about having to entertain them for quite that long though. They may try to get a little more out of it, but they know when their keeper has had enough. Allow them the honor of sleeping with you and theyll be a tamed lion, fierce but snugly.

A Delinquent instinctively wants to provide for all of their keepers needs. Aside from sexual desires, they want their keeper to feel safe, warm, secure, and protected and will help bring things that their keeper needs their way. They want to be their keepers personal badass, and while they do like trouble, they can have some interesting advantages. While they know how to cause chaos, they also understand how to calm it. They are capable of getting their keeper out of rough and tumble situations. They also help their keeper realize to the extent that they are limiting themselves, and in what ways they can learn to let those limitations go. These limitations can be emotional, mental, and even spiritual. They help bring out their keepers wild side so they can experience freedom and liberation, because ultimately the Delinquents know that getting what one wants out of life is not done through giving the self restrictions. They help their keeper learn how to let go, relax, and be spontaneous. They are also not against acts of revenge against those who have caused harm to their keeper, having the ability to turn a persons life upside down. However, while they do enjoy causing havoc, they dont enjoy making a person suffer for too long, and just want to make sure that theyve learned their lesson.

As a warning, their keeper may experience stronger impulses and will act on them. For the most part, a Delinquent will not want to get their keeper in bad situations, but every once in awhile a Delinquent will lead their keeper to one of those key learning experiences that will affect the rest of their keepers life in a positive way. These experiences may feel like going through the spin cycle in a washing machine, but their keeper will arise a stronger, more confident person with a feeling of more control over their lives. Dont expect these experiences to happen, some people may not need them, but if they do happen, they will be short lived. Also, be careful with your money because you will want to spend it. This isnt necessarily a bad thing and your Delinquent will make sure you get it back with interest, but it can lead you to some tight spots from time to time.

The Dionysus Delinquent has an energy that is undeniably sexual and resonates with the root and sacral chakras. They also have a very earthy feeling to their energy as well that makes you feel enveloped and protected. They feel warm and dark. They are Dark Arts being on the darker end of the spectrum.

Naturally, having a Dionysus Delinquent will improve your connection to Dionysus. Working with Dionysus is not necessary to bond with your Dionysus Delinquent successfully, but if Dionysus takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Dionysus Delinquent bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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