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The Wish Seed is an Immortal Artifact created by Demeter, appearing as a small colorful seed that looks like a gemstone. An Immortal Artifact is an non-physical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. It is planted by the Harvest Hare to create wishes that benefit your life. However, if you dont want to use the hare as a medium and prefer to be more hands on OR would like to double up on some of your Harvest Hare wishes, you may use this seed to plant wishes of your own. Visualize the seed in your hands, put your hands to your mouth (either in your mind or physically), and whisper your wish into it. You should feel it vibrate in your hands and your fingers may even experience some tingling. Your Wish Seed will glow. Then imagine flinging it to the area of your life that needs it by visualizing it and all the things that represents it, or you can walk over to it and plant it gently.

Once planted, it will grow and you will feel the various energies it is calling into your life, until it finally blooms, completing the wish. As it grows, its roots penetrate will penetrate blockages, obstacles, and negative energies hindering this path and will use it to feed itself. It works best with long-term wishes that improve life, but can be used with anything. You can try adding a time frame when your wish will be completed by saying something like, “I wish for a new car in the next three months.” The seed will get as close as it can within those three months to getting you a new car, and then it will bloom. The Wish Seed is capable of short term goals, such as “I wish to be productive today” or “I wish to be wise this week.” and it will do what it can for you. You may also cast wishes for other people. If you dont know what to wish for, meditate with the Wish Seed and it will give you ideas through feelings, images, and visions. You may also clear your mind and plant the Wish Seed, and it will bring forward what is best for you.

Anytime a wish seed blooms, it will give you more seeds, as you start with just one, and the seeds multiply exponentially with wishes cast. The very first seed will look like a diamond, meaning it resonates with any kind of wish. After subsequent blooms, you will always get at least one diamond Wish Seed, but the other seeds will have some coloring to them. These colors resonate best with a specific type of wish, and can accomplish more than a diamond wish seed, but cannot be cast for other types of wishes as effectively. Think of these colored seeds as hints to the types of energies you need in your life right now. The colors mean exactly what you would expect, pink for love, red for passion, green for prosperity, black for protection, etc. Each seed is unique, and a few generations in, youll begin to get seeds with mixed colors for more complex wishes. A few generations after that, youll start getting elemental seeds that work with elemental energy, so you can get fire wish seeds, water wish seeds, lightning wish seeds, and etc, Eventually mixed elemental or even unusual elemental Wish Seeds may pop up. A few generations after that, if you work really well with the Wish Seeds,  youll begin getting Divine Wish Seeds that embody the power of an Immortal or Demon Wish Seeds that work well with Dark Immortals, and these may evolve to Wish Seeds that have different Divine/Demonic influences. Several generations after that, you may find rare, extraordinarily powerful seeds popping up in a bloom every so often that take their power from many sources. These seeds are only entrusted to those who can wield them responsibly.

Each Wish Seed cast will improve your resonance with its magick, and will allow it have farther reaching effects. The amount of seeds gained per bloom depends on how long it takes the wish to cast. Short-term will always give at least two, so I recommend that as the first wish. After that, cast a balance of short-term and long-term wishes. In due time, youll become a regular Wish Farmer.

Naturally, having a Wish Seed in your keep will improve your connection to Demeter. Working with Demeter is not necessary to bond with a Wish Seed successfully, but if Demeter takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Wish Seed bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I recommend to your spirit, but it is up to you. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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