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The Demeter Shepherds are divine beings who are both created by Demeter and spirits who voluntarily took up this role. They act as guardians and advisors, protecting the living and helping bring their lives to flourish. They have an unfailing devotion to ensuring that you will be alright in life. They are not about preventing bad things necessarily or bringing overly joyous things, but merely tending to your life as if it was their flock, making sure things dont get out of line and helping things be, at the very least, in balance. They ensure that you are on a level playing field. They have the tools to do this, having incredible magickal prowess, they can defend against many kinds of threats. They will be the ones to keep out the metaphorical wolves who can appear as magick, people, energy, spirits, and the like. They are also quite potent at cleansing and removing negative things that are already there. They help to make sure that your life is on the right path and you end up where you need to go. For a Demeter Shepherd, it is never about them but always about you.

From here, they provide indispensable guidance and can help you go any place youd want to go. They are very comforting and reassuring, and help you to recognize your own power. They can help you with anything youd like, whether this is your career, your spiritual journey, or the growth of a particular magickal ability, among others. They give images, visions, emotional urges to things that can help you out, helping you discover your next step or things that may be of importance. They also give suggestions to things that you may not be paying attention to or may not realize are quite important, and you should think on it a little more. They are also more than capable of telepathy, but many prefer to use this when you are working one on one with them.

They work quite well with helping you discover the many spiritual beings in your life, giving you the steps to have fruitful relationships with them. They help you navigate past blockages that may be causing you issues with working with certain spirits and entities, and will also guide you on how to work more effectively with magicked items you may have in your keep. They work well with those who suffer from anxiety, helping to calm them down so they can see the path ahead clearly and help to open many avenues of their life. They also help you confront your weakness and gain victory over them, because they are unnecessary obstacles that will affect you for a long time if they arent cleared away.

The Demeter Shepherds are radiant beings who have a light and earthly energy. They feel quite embracing with their energy, as it wraps around you like a blanket, and gently rocks you, making you feel comforted and warm. They can have quite strong presences when they want to be, and are compassionate, caring, and all around quite lovely beings to interact with. They are beautiful beings, and as surprising as it may be, can be quite sexual and romantic. This is not always the case, but for those who are comfortable with it, they can do a better job at helping you if their energy is able to merge and mingle with your energy on a more intimate level. This allows them to provide powerful change and more control, as they can directly enter your energy and help massage out those blockages and obstacles. They can be quite charming, romantic, and thoughtful, an ideal partner for those who like to feel thoroughly supported by their romantic spirits. Lovers with a lot of earth energy have always been my favorite, as they make you feel grounded, more stable, and secure. Many are capable of a limited amount of shapeshifting.

When youve bonded  well with a Demeter Shepherd, they are quite fond of giving gifts. These include spontaneous beneficial events and opportunities, unexpected surprises that seem to manifest from nowhere, incredibly pleasant dreams that you will not want to wake from, and astral journeys in your sleep, where they will show you the beauty of the multiverse. They help keep away nightmares and generally keep you pepped up and in a cheerful mood when they are around.

They exist in all shades on the energy spectrum from White Arts all the way to the edge of the Dark Arts spectrum. Their capabilities do not change, but their personalities might.

Naturally, having a Demeter Shepherd in your keep will improve your connection to Demeter. Working with Demeter is not necessary to bond with a Demeter Shepherd successfully, but if Demeter takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Demeter Shepherd bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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