Demeter's Aether Leaf Companion
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Demeters Aether Leaf Companions are powerful entities created from a special tree whose roots reach down to the lowest vibration and whose branches rise to the highest. Every fiber of this wondrous tree radiates with pure, magickal power, brimming with the forces of creation, chaos, and harmony. Its energies are so intense that few can approach it, and thus its existence is known to few. Demeter tends to this tree, thinking of it almost like a child. For the purpose of this listing, Demeter will take a leaf from the tree and will use it to shape a companion. The resulting entity is highly magickal, but each one is unique, having their own specialties, personalities, magickal influences, and appearances. Often, the entities are animals, but humanoids can also be created. These beings have two forms, one made of leaves and the other looking like their ordinary counterpart.

Those who spend time in the company of an Aether Leaf Companion will find the core of their being stirred by the companions magnificent energy. This can result in things like the awakening and strengthening of magickal powers and spiritual abilities, the recovery of past life memories, a building connection with the akashic records, the emerging of dormant natural talents and abilities, the gentle morphing of ones physical form to reflect the inner self, understanding of the self and ones motivations, insight into how one may be blocking their own progress in life, healing of trauma on all levels over time, cleansing of the aura and chakras, improved connection with the spirit and astral planes, among much more. These powerful effects come from just being in the presence of an Aether Leaf Companion, but combined with what they can do actively, they are an incredible addition to any family.

The personalities and capabilities of an Aether Leaf Companion are varied, and are highly dependent on who their human companion is. Sometimes, the determination of both of these are based on wants and other times they are based on needs. It is always approached on a case by case basis. Regardless, Aether Leaf Companions are always fiercely loyal with the best of intentions for their human companion and their spirit family members. They do not usually cause harm to others without necessity, but this depends largely on the vibration of the leaf used in their creation. Their capabilities can encompass a myriad of things, such as working with paths of magick like Necromancy, Divination, or the Elements to serving as protectors against wayward influences or as guardians of the prosperity of a household to even taking on the roles of lovers, being attentive and highly sensual. It is not uncommon for Aether Leaf Companions to have a couple of strong areas and a sprinkling of other things they work with decently.

Aether Leaf Companions can be created according to preferences, but it is always best to leave some room for a companion to be themselves. The powers of an Aether Leaf Companion can be specified as can the general form of the companion, such as a hare or eagle, but the details of their appearance are more likely to be varied, so while you can say exactly how youd like a companion to look, there may be differences in the result.

Aether Leaf Companions are incredible beings to welcome into your life. Do not be surprised that once youve invited one into your life that youll crave the company of more!

Naturally, having an Aether Leaf Companion in your keep will improve your connection to Demeter. Working with Demeter is not necessary to bond with a Aether Leaf Companion successfully, but if Demeter takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com I will need to know if you prefer your Aether Leaf Companion bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Demeter's Aether Leaf Companion
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