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Adonis' Apni Adonis' Apni
Adonis' Apni (Ahp-nee) are beings of passionate creativity, working both with the qualities of passion and creativity in equal parts. They are exceptionally gorgeous, and have an equally beautiful presence and personality to match.Their energy is inspirational, and having it brush against you ignites...
Eros' Eryat Eros' Eryat
Eros Eryat (Ur-yaht) are beings suffused with beneficial, positive sexual energies. They are lovely beings that are born naturally from Eros energy, when that energy is properly directed. They are cousins to Erotes but quieter as they work in the background, and as such, will not be very social at first....
Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary Hephaestus’ Mechanical Canary
Hephaestus Mechanical Canaries are adorable little machines that look like canaries. They could pass for the real thing, if not for their metal feathers and lifelike but still robotic eyes. They tend to be nonsocial and mostly exist in the background, filtering all energies in the space they are in....
Adonis' Adorei Adonis' Adorei
Adonis Adorei (Ah-door-ray) are created beings with a focus on creating balance, focus, and motivation within their human companion. They are forged from Earth energies with a slight mix of fire and water, which epitomizes their purpose and personality. They are a stabilizing and motivating force, aiding...
Aphrodite's Dezura Aphrodite's Dezura
Aphrodite s Dezura (Dee - zoo - rah) are created beings of sensual desires and sexual fantasies. They tap into the core of your sensuality and eroticism and give you an outlet to express it and play. They do not tap into everything, as some desires are an all-out no (I shouldn t have to specify), but...
Aphrodite's Lavistan Aphrodite's Lavistan
Aphrodite s Lavistan (Lah - vish - tawn) are created romantic and sensual beings tied to abundance and wealth, ushering forth greater forms of plenty for their human companion. They are normally quite stylish and fashionable; rarely will they appear anything short of well-dressed or supermodel fit. They...
Aphrodite's Romenza Aphrodite's Romenza
Aphrodite s Romenza (Roh - men - zah) are created beings that epitomize suave seduction and romance. If a candlelight dinner was a person, it would be a Romenza. They are beings with a focus on charming, courting, and wooing, aiding you to open up and develop these romantic energies within your life....
Eros' Erera Eros' Erera
Eros Erera ( Eh - rare- ah) are beings created by Eros that epitomize love, healing, and learning how to express your personal truth. They have a light and vibrant energy, holding a unique resonance to the heart and throat chakra: representing emotions and expression, respectively. However, their healing...
Adonis' Aponea Adonis' Aponea
Adonis Aponea (Ah-pawn-neh-ah) are created beings with a focus on elemental magick and a predominant affinity for a single element. They are as intelligent as they are beautiful and have strong connections to natural forces and the manifestation of desire. Due to this alignment, they have ties to abundance,...
Aphrodite's Smoldera Aphrodite's Smoldera
Aphrodite s Smoldera (Smole - dare - ah) are created beings of a unique degree of sexual and erotic intensity. They are powerful lovers with their name stemming from their smoldering good looks and their ability to effortlessly entice and seduce. Aside from this attractiveness and sexuality, the Smoldera...
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