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Forged from the powers of the Celtic Immortals, the Clover Charm is a playful tribute to a well known symbol. It is a form of spell that appears as an ethereal, stylistic clover hovering in a misty globe of light. It taps into power associated traditionally with the Clover and other powers that I have drawn out with the aid of the Celtic Immortals. The current available powers are Luck, Prosperity, Imagination, and Vibrancy. The Charms serve as a conduit for these energies and can be used to provide boosts, clear blockages related to the energy, or imbue objects with their mystical quality. These charms have quite a bit of personality and may spark to life on their own, causing the manifestation of an effect that is needed but not thought of, bring attention to a matter, or just to say hello. Every person will use them differently, but they are a cute little treat regardless of how they are utilized. You’ll find definitions of the different Charms below!

The Lucky Clover Charm
While Luck is traditionally treated as primarily regarding money and games of chance, the Lucky Clover Charm taps into opportunity, spontaneity, things falling into place, synchronicity, childlike wonder, whimsicality, beating back the jadedness of life, and being true to your heart. It is the beautiful extra sprinkles in life that are fun, playful, and just plain ol’ lucky to experience. From being at the right place at the right time to feeling a sense gratitude for what is present to finding stray dollar bills in the weirdest places, the Lucky Clover Charm taps into it all.

The Prosperous Clover Charm
While naturally associated with physical wealth and material success, the Prosperous Clover Charm taps into other avenues of prosperity, including its emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. It touches abundance of all kinds, gratitude and appreciation for what you possess while combating entitlement and ego, creating more responsible and mindful habits, guiding you to greater joy, happiness, and fulfillment in life, finding purpose and specialness in the ordinary, and bringing forth more resonant personalities around you. At its heart, the Prosperous Clover Charm is about building a higher quality and more fulfilling life.

The Imaginative Clover Charm
The Imaginative Clover Charm deals with the creative processes of the mind, that which reaches into the impossible, into fantasy, and makes it real. It taps into the higher facilities of the brain, enabling for more complex thought and greater mental control. It taps into that force which defines the greatest minds of every generation, the inventors, the scientists, and the legendary practitioners. It is that which has continually reshaped the world with each person unafraid to wield it, but for you, it takes on a humbler form, that which brings change, evolution, and transformation on a personal but fundamental level. From creative acts to working with the unseen to creating a new everyday reality to simply flexing certain mental muscles, the Imaginative Clover Charm is a fascinating and surreal experience.

The Vibrant Clover Charm
The Vibrant Clover Charm deals with the emotional highs in life, that which is most vibrant, memorable, and life changing. It makes extraordinary out of the ordinary, aiding with making you aware and aligned of both internal and external. It delves into the core self, drawing out all of the unique and beautiful facets and bringing them out for all the world to see. It works with passions, love, positivity, joy, fulfillment, action, movement, and color. It is beauty, grandiose, and evolution. The powers of the Vibrant Clover Charm are extensive and stimulating, bringing a spring to your step for touching it, even for a moment.

Naturally, having a Clover Charm will improve your connection to the Celtic Immortals. Working with the Celtic Immortals is not necessary to bond with your Clover Charm successfully, but if any Celtic Immortals take a liking to you, they may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  I will need to know if you prefer your Clover Charm bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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