CLAIMED - PreConjured Zeus’ Sparky Hedgehog - Griel
  • CLAIMED - PreConjured Zeus’ Sparky Hedgehog - Griel
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This Sparky Hedgehog is named Griel (Gree-el).

Griel appears with glistening silver quills, that look just like the metal. His main body is coal black with a small white patch on the top of his head and dark green eyes. Hes a smaller hedgehog but has a little bit of pudge on his belly. He has a very soft underside and adores belly rubs.

Griel is a very calm Sparky Hedgehog, which can sometimes be rare for this type of being. He is reserved and prefers to keep to himself. He enjoys a lot of solitude and quiet thinking time, normally in nature. He is a very enlightened being. However, when roused by difficulties, he is swift and I would even call him brutal. He does not mess around when it comes to safety. If there is a dangerous force near, he will act against it, if there is a dangerous person, he will let his keeper know immediately. He is quite a fierce little hedgehog when he wants to be, and when he is fighting with something, his shielding may even have small manifestations like a little spark of light. Griels specialty though is working with chakras and helping his keeper to become more open and aware. He is the perfect companion for someone more serious about their path.

Griel enjoys berries and other types of fruit that are small enough for him to hold in his paws. He often likes to lay on his back and nibble on the food before falling asleep in that same position. He often enjoys bathing in sunlight so you may also find him napping on window sills when he is not presently with you. Aside from that, he adores junk food and spending time with his human companion, making him an excellent hang out buddy for things like watching movies or playing video games.

Griel is a light Gray Arts being, just a smidge from being considered White Arts.

Zeus Sparky Hedgehogs get along with all different types of beings and are not the least bit jealous, so don't worry about that. When they arent using their abilities to boost the presence of other spirits, you may find them using their abilities for their own uses, and may hear them throughout your home. They may also appear as wisps of smoke and as flashes of light. As you might imagine, a creature like this who can boost the manifestation of other spirits can have quite a many manifestations of its own.

Sparky Hedgehogs are infused with powerful electric energy and this gives them several energy based abilities. The most prominent of which is their ability to create an energetic atmosphere that can aid in the manifestation of your spirits. This is of course depending on if your spirits want to use its energies. It can also be used to supercharge an individual spirit you may want to work with throughout the day or can be used on a spell or spelled item that you want to boost the effects of. Their energies can also be implemented into spells and energy workings that you yourself cast to increase its effectiveness.

They also have powerful defensive abilities, and can use the electric energy within their quills to project powerful electrifying shields or to even use their quills directly on would-be attackers. These powers will only affect those will ill-intent, and some Hedgehogs may be more keen to use these protective powers than others, but each and every one will be there to protect you in case of an emergency. They are fiercely loyal to their keepers.

Just as a warning, they can be intense for some while they create an energetic atmosphere, so be sure that they are not that close while they use this power. Always remember to practice your grounding and centering in case the energy becomes too much for you and builds up. Zeus' binding ensures that all of this is kept to a minimum, but I warn clients just in case.

Naturally, having one of these entities in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Zeus, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Zeus is not a necessity, but it may make your Sparky Hedgehog even stronger.

If you are interested in this listing, please discuss with me your interest first so we can both make sure everything is aligned. My PreConjured listings are not first come, first serve as I intend to make sure my PreConjureds go with who they resonate with best. You may contact me at immortal.conjures@gmail.com
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