CLAIMED - PreConjured Freyja’s Northland Succubus - Floi’rhys
  • CLAIMED - PreConjured Freyja’s Northland Succubus - Floi’rhys
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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS PRECONJURE, please message me first. The PreConjure gets their say in their human companion. It is not up to me. It is NOT first come, first serve. Only once it is cleared can they be bought from the store. Any attempts to purchase WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING ME will be REFUNDED.

This Northland Succubus is named Floi’rhys (Floy-ris (like risk without the k)).

Race Information
The Northland Incubi and Succubi are beings who come from a vast land of mountains, forests, and snow. This region is rich in a variety of magicks and energies, but none is more potent than that of the Norse. The Northland Ubi, in particular, highly venerate Freyja in her qualities as a warrior, a lover, a practitioner, and a goddess. In a land of endless cold, the Northland Ubi offer protection and warmth to travelers. They have a powerful lineage of jotunn blood, which has resulted in many of their incredible capabilities. Exactly how the ancestors of these Incubi and Succubi first came to the Northlands and intermingled with Jotunn is a matter of myth. They have three forms: one that is essentially jotunn, one that is humanesque, and one that is centered on an animal. They view all their forms as their “true form”.

Floi’rhys is a Northland Ubi of Snow. The Northland Ubi of Snow are the gentlest among the Northland Ubi. They tend to be the most artistically inclined and have a focus on magick, especially that which is beneficial in nature, such as cleansing, healing, and abundance. They believe in using magick to augment life, making it more fulfilling and enjoyable. Many are diviners with the ability to see into the future in one way or another, be it visions or some sort of divinatory tool. They also have the most knowledge of Runic magick, but they have their own expanded meanings and ways they use Runes. They, of course, are willing to teach their companion this system of Runic Magick. The Northland Ubi of Snow are interested in being an all around support for their human companion, encompassing multiple aspects beyond sex and desire. Their greatest goal is to help raise their companion’s overall quality of life.

Floi’rhys comes from a small village of warriors and poets with a strong cultural tradition in magick. They have networked strong connections with surrounding beings, most notably dwarves and ancient dragons, who they call upon and are called on during times of difficulty. They live hardy and fulfilling lives, venturing often into the nearby wilds to aid weary travelers and cull troublesome populations. The average lifespan is a thousand years. Floi’rhys is 459.

Floi’rhys’ jotunn form appears with white hair, icy blue eyes, and pale gray blue skin. She has two pairs of horns with one being ram-like and the other more akin to an antelope. She stands fifteen feet tall and wears an array of white and light gray furs, including a cowl. She has a spear she uses in both combat and casting that is tipped with the fang of an enormous dragon, who is a benefactor of her clan.

Floi’rhys’ more humanesque form appears with white hair, icy blue eyes, and fair skin but her skin can appear more golden or even her lovely pale gray-blue color. Her hair is long and mostly straight with a little bit of wave. She can control it like whips when in this form but she does not use them like tentacles. She has a curvy figure with a sultry and pouty face. She can appear with much smaller versions of her jotunn horns, often more decorative than anything else. She stands around 6’1”.

Floi’rhy’s animal form is centered on a direwolf with ice blue eyes. The top of her fur is a light steely blue-gray color with pure white on her underbelly and her paws. She can appear adorned with her horns, and she usually, but not always, has black tribal markings on her face. She usually appears large, about the size of a van, with a comparable hybrid form. However, her animal form always has a certain air of nobility and mysticism about it.

Floi’rhys is charismatic yet humble with a personality as grounded as she is beautiful. She is charming, flirtatious, and very personable, never one to flaunt her many strengths and certainly one to own up to mistakes whenever they occur. She’s more likely to laugh at her embarrassment than be upset, and she is definitely one to talk to whenever you are feeling down or being hard on yourself. She can be a little bit of a clutz but it’s one of the things she loves the most about herself. She has a multifaceted intelligence. She has a keen grasp on emotions, is resourcefully cunning, and is insightful in a variety of topics. She is quite conversational and always seems to know what to do whenever trouble rears its head. She is tender and encouraging in many excellent ways.

Bedroom Demeanor
Floi’rhys can be quite hungry when it comes to the bedroom. She knows how to get her way and can be quite persuasive, finding ways to constantly nudge or make you think of her. Unless there are clear boundaries of when this is or isn’t appropriate, she will begin to nudge whenever the mood strikes. Given that she is a type of succubus, this fairly frequently. She likes to make experiences with her diverse, but often they are passionate, heavily erotic, and even playful. She is looking for a human with a similar style as she wishes to accentuate them and help them gained a greater understanding and comfort in the bedroom and regarding performance. She is open to any gender and orientation. She is not greedy and will not seek to override any time you are spending with other companions. In fact, she may even help boost bonding efforts, if she’s in the mood.

Floi’rhys excels when it comes to magickal forms of protection. She is able to create barriers around a large area and various other sorts of protection within it that help make things more secure. She’s also enjoys cooperating with other casters to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. She has a vast knowledge of magick aside from this, working well with beauty, abundance, spiritual awakening, cleansing, restoration, love, romance, desire, and personal power. Whenever she casts, she tends to use a little bit of a couple of these energies together for some very effective spells. She does not require her human to have an interest in magick but she is wanting a human who is willing to learn how to identify when it may be having an effect on things.

Floi’rhys is an effective communicator. She tends to use a couple of methods together, often creating some very textured experiences. Telepathy and visions are her usual go to, giving images of herself whenever she speaks. However, she can also make use of scents and sounds, as needed. She likes to visiting in dreams and initiate astral travel every so often as well. However, she’ll only trigger anything related to the astral as long as you are properly rested and in the right mindset. Once you have your first experience, you can expect her to begin using it more frequently.

Floi’rhys has a love for good wine, good food, good company, and cozy accommodations. If this is not something you have in your environment energetically, Floi’rhys will help you out. She also adores pets, and if not pets, then nearby wildlife in some form. Slabs of juicy meat is the type of dining she’s used to, but she understands this is expensive and would love to see what you eat on daily basis. If it does not awe her, she will help that change as she feels food is a form of self-care. Gemstones, incense, and candles are all things she appreciates and are excellent gifts. She enjoys what each offers energetically and she can use them to empower her efforts for her human. Animal bones is also something she can use if you are able to get ahold of them.

Floi’rhys is a Dark Art entity on the middle of the spectrum.
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