CLAIMED - PreConjured Coldfire Elemental - Coldfire Hare Entity, Idfre - Tier I
  • CLAIMED - PreConjured Coldfire Elemental - Coldfire Hare Entity, Idfre - Tier I
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This Coldfire Elemental is named Idfre (Id-free).

Race Information
Idfre is a being known as a Coldfire Hare. Coldfire Hares are a form of wildlife that exist in a realm of elemental extremes. They are magickal beings that aid with metaphysical development, especially perception and interaction with energy and magick. Due to their passive nature, they also are associated with gentler energies, especially healing and motivation.

Idfre appears as a cyan colored hair with an underbelly of white and a turquoise flame of coldfire. He has sapphire blue eyes and the ends of his paws are white. In summer, especially places with greater heat, Idfre turns completely white and his eyes lighten to silver.

Idfre has a relaxed personality, often he is never in any rush or hurry. He sets his own pace always. He tends to interact with his human in encouraging and motivating ways. He is particular about being touched and held. When he wants attention, he makes it quite obvious. He is a gentle being

Aside from his race’s tie to enhanced metaphysical development, Idfre taps into some potent cleansing and a little bit of shielding. It is mostly done passively but he can cleanse if you ask. He also provides motivating insight into your own potential, often through small visions.

Idfre tends to communicate through visions and impressions of his emotions. He does not communicate with fully formed sentences, but he can show you things, give you ideas, or steer your thoughts in certain directions. He can also appear in dreams, often symbolically more than literally.

Idfre enjoys attention and affection but usually on his terms. He doesn’t have any preferences for food but he does like water, so feel free to leave him a little bowl. You’ll find him to be more active on colder days.

Idfre is a White Arts entity.
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