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Brigid’s Ruby Necklace is an Immortal Artifact created by the Celtic Goddess, Brigid. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that resides on the spirit and astral planes. While dubbed a “necklace”, it is an Immortal Artifact that primarily adorns the neck, shoulders, or upper chest area when in use. It does not have to appear as a dainty necklace. It can be a mantle, shoulder guard, brooch, pin, etc. Five rubies adorn it, each imbued with a unique power: Fortitude, Passion, Courage, Vitality, and Abundance. Additionally, the Ruby Necklace ties to the lower chakras and aids with anything and everything directly or indirectly related to them. While primarily focused on the Root chakra, the Sacral, Solar Plexis, and Heart Chakras all interact with the necklace and are maintained by it in some way. Each ruby is paired with two smaller garnets, which assist in this processing and maintenance.

Each ruby is a truly fascinating specimen, having its own personality and sentience. This is more of an extension of what is found in most gemstones rather than a sentience like yours or mine. However, this means they are able to reach out and effect the world on their own, if given the proper permissions. While they appear a rich red, they can be softer reds to darker reds, to all kinds of pinks, and dip into red-browns and even red-violets. The color depends on the personality of both the ruby and the owner. They can be individually removed or worked with directly off of the necklace. They can also each take other unique forms for greater interaction, such as my Ruby of Courage becoming a spear. Each gem serves as a well of energy related to its specific power and can be worked with in a limitless way related to it. Each owner of the necklace shall have different experiences and shall naturally draw out different capabilities from the rubies, depending on personality, wants, and needs. Below is a basic overview for the power of each ruby, but know that this list is subjective. Your own interactions may reveal entirely different things.

The Ruby of Fortitude relates to a solid and unshakable foundation, the defenses that surround that foundation, stability at its core when met with force, and the endurance when put under strenuous circumstances. It reaches forth into these various areas and can be used in whatever ways you may interpret it. It is about strengthening support and creating protection, dealing with both the internal and external stability. It can be used to regulate moods, aiding patience, empower the ability to focus, create a greater feeling of security, erect wards and barriers, cleanse spaces of impurities, and reinforce already present protections.

The Ruby of Passion relates to the passions that stir the body, heart, and mind. It deals with the things you get the most out of engaging with, the things that are meaningful and effortless, drowning out the world around it. It applies to partners, creative efforts, technical skills, career work, and avenues of knowledge. It also helps uncover the various dimensions of your sensual self, helping to unshackle you from grief, shame, and laziness. It helps you shed anything that is not particularly helpful or may even be deceitful in regards to your relationship with your sensual self. Overall, the ruby taps into love, desire, sex, ambitions, inspiration, motivation, and discovering the various passionate aspects of the self.

The Ruby of Courage relates to bravery and confidence, focusing mainly on moving forward through life in spite of fear, doubts, anxieties, and self-imposed limitations. It taps into your personal power and trust in yourself, helping you move past that which restricts you internally from doing what you know if best. It deals with working through doubts and blockages to help you blossom into your full potential. It is about overcoming adversity, accepting faults, looking at the truth, and can also be implemented in workings to add its special spunky energy.

The Ruby of Vitality relates to physical health, mental acuity, and one’s life force, tapping into the physical, mental, and spiritual components of existing as a living being. It is about the maintenance and balancing of these qualities, keeping them in peak shape, and helping them grow and expand. It can be tapped into and used to accomplish physical, mental, or spiritual goals, allowing greater ease in shaping your own life. It also works with bringing about a higher quality life, restoration and rejuvenation, and learning how to better wield life force energy.

The Ruby of Abundance relates to physical wealth, material success, and emotional prosperity. It is a channel and guide to the mindsets that promote and encourage greater abundance. It also aids with the stress and anxiety some feel related to money that restricts the flow of prosperous energies, allowing for a more fluid and adaptable form of abundance. It also helps you see and appreciate the value of things around you, including yourself, and how it all contributes positively to building a good life. It also deals with the accumulation of positivity of all kinds, serving as a veritable cornucopia of good things.

In the beginning, you may be totally lost in how to work with the Ruby Necklace, but trust your instincts and intuition. The Ruby Necklace is eager to be worked with and shall guide you, so long as you are open to it. It shall unfold ever greater dimensions of both power and mystery, unique for each person that interacts with it. So long as you remember to treat its power and capabilities with respect, it shall ever continue to give.

Naturally, having Brigid’s Ruby Necklace will improve your connection to Brigid. Working with Brigid is not necessary to bond with her Ruby Necklace successfully, but if Brigid takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  I will need to know if you prefer your Ruby Necklace bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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