Baphomet's Little Goat Guide
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Baphomet’s Little Goat Guide is a being created by Baphomet that serves as equal part guide, mentor, and adorable companion. They aid with shadow work, exploring the self, and becoming more aware of internal workings. Their sweet and quirky personalities allow them to bring levity to things that may otherwise be serious and potentially traumatizing to unravel. While geared mostly toward emotional self-discovery, they also can help with discovering various degrees of metaphysical potential, uncork latent abilities, and tap into past life capabilities. They are also aligned with uncovering new and auspicious knowledge, things you may have either not experienced before or things you have seen but not thought much about. Additionally, Baby Goat Companions aid with magick related to earth, abundance, and knowledge while having additional, although minor, influences of abundance. They appear as young and feisty goats with plenty of personality. They are very social and overall help create better bonding and cohesion with your entire spirit and entity family when not with you. They enjoy pettings and are very active and vocal. Each Little Goat Guide has their own particular specialties among skills listed but work with the rest in a more general capacity. They are on the very lightest part of the Dark Arts spectrum.

Naturally, having a Little Goat Guide will improve your connection to Baphomet. Working with Baphomet is not necessary to bond with your Little Goat Guide successfully, but if Baphomet takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com to let me know about your binding preference. The options are either bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Baphomet's Little Goat Guide
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