Athena's Owl Lookout
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This offering is provided by Athena.

Athena's Owl Lookout is an amazing little owl that can almost fit in your pocket! They love to perch high up on trees, and use their massive eyes to watch out for danger. This is to the benefit of their keeper, because they will let you know when danger is on its way. These Owl Lookouts are so good at perceiving threats to you, that they will let you know if something is going on before anything has happened. This is not because they are psychic, but like Athena, are gifted with an incredible intellect that allows them to calculate what may come to pass depending on the actions of whatever they are watching. They, however, are not all-seeing and cannot watch everything like this at once, but they are constantly vigilant and shall not let you down! Even when it appears they are at play, they are still keeping an eye out for your safety.

They have a variety of personalities, but all are rather small and adorable. They tend to talk fast, use too many words at once, and are always on the go because they understand their number one duty is to keep you informed.

In addition to being lookouts, these little guys help gift you in your own capacity to sense danger and the dangers around you. They will help you understand what around you is okay, and what is dangerous, who can be trusted and who can't. They can do this on their own because their ever-observant nature can pick up on the subtle clues that people give when they communicate with each other, which helps reveal a person's true nature and intentions, and these are things you too will begin to pick up, whether you know it or not. Furthermore, relating again to their watchful skills, they can help enhance your own sensing and understanding of energy and the intentions behind that energy.

These little guys appear almost small enough to fit in your pocket. They are a little larger than a hand outstretched. They have large jewel colored eyes, but their feathers are more in the brown/gray area because of their need to blend in. They may glow with a faint green light or appear as light blue light. They are entities, so they do need to sleep. Expect to find a small cubby somewhere with scraps of paper at some point because they are active and like to build nests in private little places to slumber.

Naturally, having this creature in your spirit family also means you can gain a stronger connection to Athena, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Athena is not a necessity, but it may make your Owl even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Athena's Owl Lookout
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