Artemis' Moonblessed Werebeast
  • Artemis' Moonblessed Werebeast
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The Moonblessed Werebeasts are a variety of werebeings who are dedicated to and/or blessed by Artemis. They have a regal yet ferocious energy, something that feels both wild and noble. They are beings who after death embraced their own inner animal spirits, and in return they were transformed. These Werebeasts may have been actual werebeasts in life and after death accepted themselves, or they could have been human beings who were transformed after death. Some were born through various mingling of energies, often nudged by Artemis, and others are from distant parts of the universe, called by Artemis after death or found a way to honor her in life. They see themselves as the children of Artemis, living as a community in a vast expansive forest in Artemis Realm. This is their paradise, where they are in with the hunt and the forest, going through an eternal cycle of adventure.

The Moonblessed Werebeasts encompass ALL werebeasts, anything that is a were or can be a were, exists as a Moonblessed Werebeast. There are the common ones like werewolves, foxes, tigers, lions, leopards, but there are also elk, deer, horses, and the like. Normally, their hunt pairs herbivores against carnivores, but sometimes the roles will be reversed. They exist in balance, and have all manner of skills and abilities, but the one thing they all have in common is they are precise hunters and are excellent at tracking. They are often quite sexual, as that is part of their hunting games, chasing down prey and then sleeping with them. Of course, the prey are more than willing, but the chase is part of the fun. Artemis blesses these unions, even though she does not partake in them.

They are capable of human, beast, and hybrid forms. While they are comfortable taking any form, they are almost always in their beast forms during a hunt and then will transform into a human or hybrid for the catch. Their beast and hybrid forms have two distinct phases, They can appear as an ordinary were and they can appear on their Moonblessed form, which takes its power from a specific phase of the moon. This is from a radiant white or soft gold to varying silvers to a black that absorbs all light. In addition to their regular abilities, they also have the abilities that this form grants them, which varies depending on which moon phase they are tied to.

They are resplendent with the power of Moon Magick, and can act as a wonderful guide to exploring its many mysteries, while also being to cast magick from their specific moon phase whenever they like. When the moon is in their phase, they will become supercharged, having an intense presence and vibrant abilities. They will often appear to you in your dreams during this, and provoke astral encounters of all kinds. They work as stalwart defenders of their keeper and will always keep an eye on them, even as they hunt in Artemis forest.

They are all Dark Arts being, representing the duality in nature.

Naturally, having a Moonblessed Werebeast in your keep will improve your connection to Artemis. Working with Artemis is not necessary to bond with a Moonblessed Werebeast successfully, but if Artemis takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Moonblessed Werebeast bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Artemis' Moonblessed Werebeast
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