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The War Pyre is a type of fire with immensely complex energy, brought forward by Ares. It is the fire of war, a flame that has fed on the honorable dead, the warriors who gave it all for family, home, and comrade throughout time. It is filled with the valor of thousands upon thousands of heroes, filled with courage, duty, and glory alongside lingering regrets and dreams never achieved, feelings for those they were forced to leave behind. However, It was also the flame that has fed on peoples lives, on their crops, their homes, and their bodies. Its energies are as light as they are dark. The War Pyre has been tempered by Ares to bring out specific energies it contains, allowing it to work toward a specific purpose. Using this listing, you can take command of it. There are currently seven War Pyres available. You may only choose one per War Pyre per order.

The War Pyre of Bravery - This War Pyre brings forth courage of past warriors into yourself. It does not erase your fear but rather helps you learn how to face it. No feat will seem too big for you, and ultimately, you will understand your own power and capabilities. It will help you to break down the obstacles in your life, both the ones youve placed yourself and the ones others have placed for you. This will enable you to move forward in life so it may be more fulfilling and engaging. This helps most with ruts and stagnation so you can see what you truly want, what you need to get there, and gives you the courage to move forward and achieve it. This applies its power automatically and doesnt need to be invoked, but you can will its power forward if you feel you need an extra punch of courage or confidence.

The War Pyre of Fortress - This War Pyre brings forth the warriors desire to protect those they cared for. Using this War Pyre, you can create barriers for your home, self, and loved ones that filters all energy that comes through it. It is quite a ferocious fiery barrier, the kind that roars with the intensity of its flames. All entities and spirits that try to pass will be drained of their energy and burned. Some may be stubborn or may find other ways to get through, so feel free to layer barriers on top of each other. You will also get a sense of what is happening with your barriers and around your barriers as you become more in tune with it. This is quite handy if you are trying to make someone like your parents are safe, so you can know if something is happening. You can use it on absolutely anything you desire. It is applied through willpower and you can choose your awareness of the barriers off, if youd like, by willing it.

The War Pyre of Ancestors -This War Pyre works more like a conjuration, bringing forth fiery avatars of past warriors to defend you in times of need or to serve as guards. You may choose if you want echoes of warriors to come forward, that is to say a likeness or impression of warriors from the past, or you can bring forth the warriors themselves in all their fiery glory. The echoes are normally temporary, but they can have a more permanent presence. They do not have personalities though, and simply do the task dictated to them. The true warriors will primarily be Greek and from the areas near Greece, who have heard the name of Ares. However, warriors from any culture can step forward if you have a resonance with them. You must build a relationship with them, however, and if they like you, they can come forward whenever they like  or whenever you like through the War Pyre. They will appear fiery at first, but if a relationship is created, they will take on the form they had when they were in their prime. The War Pyre has a limit of 100 avatars, but too many of both the echoes and the actual warriors can be intense energetically, so you may want to keep it at a lower number. You can bring forth echoes and true warriors at the same time. This is worked with through willpower.

The War Pyre of Burden - This War Pyre brings helps you to understand what warriors have lost and were forced to left behind. You will take on their burdens to understand and appreciate your own chance at living through having visions and impressions of the dead. Do not worry, they will not be overwhelming, but you will gain an entirely new understanding of things. It will help you to appreciate your loved ones, all the things that you have, and learning to let go of the little things. This War Pyre offers a complete mental transformation that begins small but becomes vast, so you will understand that you have what many do not, a life, and there is nothing that should stop you. It will motivate you to move forward and accomplish your dreams and to take advantage of the time you have here.  This applies its power automatically and doesnt need to be invoked, but you can use willpower to invoke visions and impressions, if you are curious about them and want to learn more. You can also will it to not show you visions and impressions at all.

The War Pyre of Quenching - What are warriors without their thirst for pleasure and sex? This War Pyre aids your sexual energy, appetite, appeal, and performance, by infusing it with the sexual power of past warriors. Those of a more masculine energy will have that enhanced, being infused with the rugged, macho charisma of these men. Those of a more feminine energy will have that enhanced as well, being infused with the of mystique and beauty that many of the men felt towards women when they returned, but also infused with the strength of strong female warriors who have passed. Those who resonate with both energies will find both energies boosted. It will help you to shrug off shame related to sex and pleasure, and help you take life by the horns. You will be free and liberated, without apologies or regrets This applies itself automatically, but you can will its power forward if you feel you need a punch of more sexual energy, appetite, appeal, or performance.

The War Pyre of Pursuit - This War Pyre brings forth the warriors instincts to pursue their enemy and destroy them. It creates powerful flames that hunt down intruding beings who seek to cause harm. It will tear through and burn away all negative energy that these beings may leave behind, helping you to break from its influence, especially in cases where it is longstanding. It also can be used for cleansing purposes, burning away negative energies and pursuing any influences it may find to be causing them. You can also command the War Pyre to only cleanse and not to pursue, if the situation warrants it. This is interacted with through willpower.

The War Pyre of Pillage - This War Pyre brings forth the warriors desire of taking what they wanted. When life says no, these energies say yes. It brings prosperous energies into your life, taking what you want from it without hesitation. This helps to work through obstacles and all the nos that life may give you. You may find things working out mysteriously in your favor, as this War Pyre spreads its influence. It may be slow at first, but it will build up, bringing new opportunities and revitalization. This applies automatically.

Naturally, having a War Pyre will improve your connection to Ares. Working with Ares is not necessary to bond with a War Pyre successfully, but if Ares takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your War Pyre bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.
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