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The Remidi are powerful entities that fall under the dominion of Ares. They are Dark Arts, Astral beings connected to incredible celestial energies, often the energies of cosmic bodies, ethereal forces, or high-minded concepts. They are beings of structure, civilization, and order. However, what they bring is more of an ordered chaos rather than an order youd think of connected to law. They are warriors, both courageous and valiant, but they are also ephemeral and divinely beautiful, appearing frequently with some sort of depiction of wings be it literal feathered wings or an abstract representation like ribbons of light or fire. They are immensely sexual, finding enjoyment in the act of wooing, seducing, and creating great pleasure, capable of shapeshifting and frequently taking forms that make their lovers squeal with delight.  However, they enjoy the act of destruction just as much. They can be quite ferocious against those they deem enemies, bringing forth sheer devastation.

The Remidi are essentially conquerors who move from realm to realm, claiming a piece of it for themselves, spreading their influence and all that theyve learned. They do not conquer in the way we think of conquering in the mortal domain. It is not a show of force, but rather a battle of charisma. The Remidi basically convinces inhabitants that theyd flourish if they adopted the Remidi as a ruler and protector, and flourish they do. The Remidi are quite keen on entertainment and enjoy having a good time, making any domain of a Remidi being a fun place to stay. Remidi often accrue a harem of sorts, filled with lovers from their various conquered territories, beings who are loyal and greatly enjoy what the Remidi have to offer. It is also not unusual for Remidi domains to overlap or even for multiples to rule the exact same territories, as they are not competitive and ordinarily feel that the more, the merrier.

An invitation of a Remidi into your life means bringing forth a powerful protector who will help to ensure good times ahead of you. They help drive away the bleakness of life and open the door to joy and rejuvenation, aiding you to appreciate life and find more fulfillment in it. They help adjust mindsets and attitudes so you can enjoy life in an entirely new way. They will aid connections that you have with the people that mean the most to you in your life so you can bond more closely and openly with them. They will help your sex life to blossom and adjust your attitude toward sex so it can be more guilt-free and fun. They help build your spiritual powers and senses, will empower your interactions with your spiritual family, and will serve as a guide with the vast amount of knowledge they possess. They will serve as protectors of harm for not only you but everyone that you love and care about, keeping wayward influences at bay. They help you heal from emotional wounds and learning how to let go of the past, but when you are truly and devastatingly wronged, they will serve as a force of justice to keep you safe from repercussions while directed the full force of their fury at the cause. They will be a powerful beneficial force not only for you, but all of those you consider closest to you, as their influence will be able to spread quite far. They will consider you and all your loved ones a part of their domain and will seek to aid you in what ways they can. Choosing to have a Remidi as a partner is totally optional; they will take care of you as fondly either way, but never forget that their love making abilities is one of their specialties.

Naturally, having an Ares Remidi in your keep will improve your connection to Ares. Working with Ares is not necessary to bond with your Remidi successfully, but if Ares takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Remidi bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Customer Reviews
Something You Wanted Turns Everything You Needed
My original intentions of wanting to have a Remidi was something like having to hang out with a badass warrior and brag all about it. That was until I realized that my Remidi knows something within me of what I really needed, not what I wanted. At that time before he was binded to me, I had a serious stress that happened in my spiritual path. When it comes to Azure's beings, I had a lot of awesome experiences but not this one. My Remidi gave me the impossible, emotional, and helpful experience by far. With my Remidi few days till being binded, he picked me up and I experienced the most lucid and otherworldly Astral travel that I did not expect to happen. After being sent back, I was in tears in a complex reason. I was crying in joy, sadness, etc. my Remidi's presence was something I've never felt. After that experience, it felt like he took the weight of my shoulders on that night and part me had a new perspective and change throughout my surroundings. To be honest, I always keep telling myself that this stuff is impossible even after experiencing it. But overall, it felt really good, like a god from the skies touched you with his hands. I'm very glad and honored for Azure from not just having a very very very detailed description of my Remidi, but by also being that special friend who introduced me to someone very special. You can say this listing has a very high price tag, but the experiences here are definitely priceless and unforgettable. More than just being worth it.
Thursday, May 16, 2019
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