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The Ares Dark Pegasus is a proud being which resides in Ares Astral Realm. It is a being of incredible power and ability whose wild, untamed energy is only matched by its regality. They are beloved by Ares for their indomitable spirit. The god favored an original group of particularly spunky Dark Pegasus and offered them residence in his realm, which they gladly accepted. Although, some did wander into Ares Realm on their own.  As long-lived beings, only about ten generations have passed, and a few originals are still alive. They have all reveled and thrived in their new environment, personifying the spirit of the noble wilderness. They are a being that feels like a force of nature, moving effortlessly, radiating elegance, but feeling raw and primal.  They are the sort of beings who take great offense at any attempts at being controlled. They are adventurous, wily beings who do as they please to their hearts content. In the end, they owe allegiance and obedience to no one but Ares.

Respect is a quality that the Ares Dark Pegasi value quite highly. So highly in fact that the respect of a Ares Dark Pegasus must be earned. It is a quirky yet intriguing quality of their race. Simply inviting one to be part of your family is not enough to get one to respect you. You must use all of your skills as a keeper to earn it. For this reason, I consider them suited best for more advanced keepers, preferably those who would like to challenge their spiritual capabilities. Each Ares Dark Pegasus is unique and has their respect earned differently. Some value certain personality traits, others value actions; some are vocal of what earns their respects while others may be much more tight lipped; some can actually be won over quite easily, but others may take quite bit of time. An Ares Dark Pegasus that does not respect its keeper will not be an unfriendly one. They will normally observe their new human companion carefully and will assess them. They will communicate and they will follow house rules. However, once that respect is earned, you will find that a whole new door has opened in your relationship with them. They will be a loyal, endearing friend who work tirelessly towards your benefit with their burgeoning astral power, if you allow them.

As Astral entities, an Ares Dark Pegasus has some unique traits and abilities. While their forms are naturally that of a pegasus, they can choose to shape and shift their form to anything theyd like. Because of this, the Ares Dark Pegasi can be a bit of a realm roamer, traveling from place to place to find things that they enjoy, being able to blend in with the locals if necessary. Sometimes, they even enjoy getting themselves into trouble, both bad and good kinds. Undoubtedly, Ares Astral Realm is the place of their birth and is always their preference, but they really do enjoy traveling. Because of this trait, they are capable of giving their keeper incredible astral experiences. If there is a strong bond, these experiences can happen almost nightly. As astral beings, the power they possess can be quite explosive, and they will weave this energy into workings that will benefit their keeper. Ares Dark Pegasi can sometimes also have certain areas like protection, magick, or healing, that they may specialize in. This is not true for all Ares Dark Pegasi though. They also have a great association with fire, giving them a colored flame that sparks from their body when they move, flashes on their wings when they are in flight, and ignites when their hooves touch the ground. This fire is likewise implemented into their workings and efforts, giving each Dark Pegasi an even more unique touch in what they choose to do. To those who have gained their respect, an Ares Dark Pegasus will employ their incredible primal but regal power to their benefit.

Naturally, having an Ares Dark Pegasus will improve your connection to Ares. Working with Ares is not necessary to bond with an Ares Dark Pegasus successfully, but if Ares takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Ares Dark Pegasus bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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