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The Blood Boars are powerful beasts that reside in Ares Realm. They are Astral Beings who have been raised and fed on the various energies and powers of War. Some of these energies include bloodlust, violence, and death, but also include energies like sacrifice, camaraderie, and duty. This gives them a very dual aspected nature, much like the god who nurtures them, and makes their energy quite complex. Their energy is very powerful, being raw and even a bit abrasive. It is quite dark, being at the end of the Dark Arts spectrum, and can be overwhelming for those who are not used to experiencing darker energies. However, theres a part of their energy thats also demure, even delicate. In some ways, its exactly like a flower. Theres a pureness and innocence to their energy mixed with the brutality that makes just the act of interacting with a Blood Bloar a unique experience. Their energies are at its harshest when they first meet you or when they are upset about something, but once theres some familiarity between the two of you, it loses a bit of its edge. You can see past it and will be able to appreciate their true beauty.

They are large beings with powerful forms, often domineering, about the size of a horse and are normally decorated with armor. This armor is sometimes elaborate, and other times quite simple. It can be made of precious metals, usual war metals, or just made of wood or even flowers. Other Immortals have found them intriguing and have sought to raise some of them off of a bit of their own energies, further adding to the complexity of the Blood Boars energy profile. They will always primarily resonate with Ares power, but you can find Blood Boars with resonances from a variety of other Immortals. Although permission from these other Immortals must be sought after first, a Bloor Boar can be adopted with these other influences. Unless asked for, Blood Boars with other Divine influences will normally not pop up in a custom conjuration. If they do, then congratulations because youve really captured that Immortals attention.

Unlike many beings in my store, Blood Boars work best as simply being companions. They arent about a specific thing nor do that thing effectively. They exist and adopting one means getting the joy to interact with it and making it a part of your life. They make for excellent companions. They can be quite affectionate, loving, and greatly enjoy being with and spending time with their keeper. They have all different types of personalities as well. In general though, they tend to have a very aggressive demeanor when it comes to things they dont like. They will literally charge and ram into this thing and will push it out and away. It does not pay any mind to collateral damage and it does not understand how to rebuild what it has destroyed. Does this mean you need to fear a Blood Boar causing irreparable damage around your life? No. They are loyal to a fault. House rules are something they take quite seriously. If you tell them not to do something, even jokingly, they will abide by it until you tell them that its okay. Ordinarily though, it will mind its own business, and you only need to fear harm when something truly terrible that can already cause a lot of harm begins to manifest in your life. It literally needs to be something destructive enough to catch their attention because they are often in their own little world. I still suggest house rules, or at the very least, asking your Blood Boar to speak with you before it makes any rash decisions. Many are capable of this careful thinking, but some can have a more rash demeanor so you must be firm and preemptive with them.

This aggressive behavior of the Blood Boars may have a positive influence on their human companions, however. You may begin to understand the nature of the obstacles in your life and how to either navigate around them or charge straight through them. The Blood Boar wont be doing this for you, youll be doing it for yourself. Their energies also make for powerful workings should you choose to implement it into spells or workings, especially those that deal with driving out or breaking down. If Blood Boars have associations with other Immortals, they MAY draw the energies associated with that Immortal in, but that's not a guarantee. It's a passive, completely uncontrolled ability.

Naturally, having a Blood Boar will improve your connection to Ares. Working with Ares is not necessary to bond with a Blood Boar successfully, but if Ares takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Blood Boar bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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