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The Sunray Wyvern is an astral entity that lives a world that Apollo adores. While it is not specifically the realm Apollo resides in, he thinks of himself as a caretaker of sorts and has guided the evolution of many beings. The Sunray Wyvern is one of these beings and its realm is one of natural wonder, beauty, and adventure. The Sunray Wyvern is territorial, aggressive to all that would intrude on its home without the proper respect. It prefers living on a mountain peak and hunts during the day using its spectacular vision and sharp talons that could slice through a semi. It attacks from above, scooping up its prey with its hind legs and taking it back to its mountain peak where it can feast. The Sunray Wyvern appears long and a little serpentine with two hind legs and its wings directly attached to its front appendages. They are ordinarily covered in metallic-colored scales like gold, silver, bronze, brass, but can also appear white, rose gold, and various grays. They enjoy bathing in the rays of sunrise and sunset because as the rays hit the dragon, their scales reflect the light and they are illuminated, seen for miles around. This is actually a part of their mating rituals. They collect the energy from the sun and are able to weaponize it as a beam that they fire from their mouths, cutting through and disintegrating things with a nuclear force. When they are sleeping during the night, they give off a soft golden glow from the sunlight theyve absorbed through their scales during the day.

The males tend to be more lazy, fond of long naps in the sun curled on their favorite rock and they also tend to wander away from their peak during the day, even if they arent hunting. They are more affectionate and laid back, less interested in protecting their peak unless they know theres an actual threat. The females are fearless warriors and are more aggressive and territorial. They prefer staying near their peak and observing the landscape for any threats. If anything approaches their territory, they will confront it immediately. If it does not show deference and submit to her presence, she will attack and drive it away. If it does, she will fly where she can watch them until they leave. Sunray Wyverns do not lay eggs, but actually give live birth, normally to a litter of 3 to 6 babies. During this time, the Sunray Wyvern female may allow for a nuclear family to exist on her peak, taking the form of a group of males to one female. Females do not normally allow other females to stay for long unless they are related. Each baby can have a different father. Once the babies are all grown and have left, the males are not allowed to stay.

When paired with a keeper, the Sunray Wyvern is incredibly protective.  It will treat its keeper like its mountain peak, being incredibly aggressive and territorial to all beings who would try to touch them maliciously. They have a way of looking around for threats that allows them to see into the hearts of people and spirits. They will not let a person or spirit with impure intentions into their keepers life and will ward them away in whatever way they can. They are also quite affectionate, and will literally create a portal in their keepers home to the cave they sleep in. Normally, this is in the bedroom so they can both sleep at the same time but occasionally the Sunray Wyvern will watch over their keeper, making sure they sleep safe and sound. They are able to keep away bad dreams and offer protection during astral travel. They may also initiate astral travel themselves if they feel their keeper is ready for it. They are loyal and wish to share their keepers life with them. They are capable of telepathy, although they are mostly an instinct-based being so they communicate through energy, emotions, and mental images.

The greatest offering you can give them is a bowl of water and sharing your food with them. They want to eat what you are eating. In a weird way, their behavior is a mix of a cat, dog, and parrot. They enjoy cuddling and being petted, but some of them want to cuddle only when they want it. They are capable of changing their size, but it can get uncomfortable for them after a short while so they wont do it for long.

They are a Dark Arts being thats a little lighter on the scale.

Naturally, having a Sunray Wyvern will improve your connection to Apollo. Working with Apollo is not necessary to bond with your Sunray Wyvern successfully, but if Apollo takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Sunray Wyvern bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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